Over 30’s Running: Negative Nancy to Positive Polly (Mindset)

Running long distance is more than just having a physically-able body. In fact, without having a strong, positive mindset during and before the run, it can be the most strenuous, difficult task you ever set out to achieve. Oftentimes, it can be the people who either stop in the middle of a race, or don’t even attempt the race who have a weak mindset (just to clarify: this isn’t always the case). Find out more about how you can become a more positive runner filled with joy and optimism; so much you won’t know what to do with it all!

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Eating a Healthy Diet Made Easy

There are a lot of opinions, many of them conflicting, about what a healthy diet consists of. Simply put it would be to eat the correct amount of a wide variety of whole foods from different groups in the right proportions. This article will show you which healthy foods to consume and which unhealthy foods to avoid.

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How You Can Build A Home Gym On A Budget

Gym memberships can be costly. Even with the competition out there, you might not want to be locked into a contract. With kids, school and work finding time to make it to the gym can be even harder. This article covers a few simple but effective pieces of equipment you can purchase to build your own home gym.

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4 Great Superfoods for Weight Loss!

You must have heard of those so-called “superfoods” for weight loss by now. Nutritionally-packed ingredients (normally fresh fruit and vegetables) that can boost the nutrient intake for your body, and bring with them a whole host of health benefits, one of which just so happens to be weight loss.

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Choose Health With Holiday Nosh and Nibbles

Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, the holiday season is filled with friends, fellowship and food. Now it’s the four-letter f-word aka Food that can get a person in trouble. Too often my clients reach out to me after indulging in the seasonal food swag. You know my mantra is “all things in moderation” and if you have special dietary needs, my caveat during these days of temptation is to consider the consequences before you indulge. I’m not suggesting that you choose deprivation-research shows that feeling deprived can trigger overindulgence and that is what we want to avoid. My goal is to help you wrap up the year feeling healthy and positive that you’ve made wise eating choices.

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How to Deal With Holiday Food Pushers and Food Cops

The holidays bring out two characters extremely challenging to dieters attempting to stay the course through the most difficult time of year. So, in the interest of peaceful family get-togethers and company parties, here is advice on how to deal with the ever-present “Food Police” who watch over everything you eat, and “Food Pushers,” who try and force you to eat.

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