Fat Burning Tips

1 – Do not eat within 3-4 hours of bedtime
I developed this rule I just looked in the mirror first thing every morning. When an hour or two in bed , I’m even bigger, the next morning . When I do not like the hours of sleep , I’m clear and direct . I started doing this in China. I’d be home at night , wanting to eat something, but as a) I went to the store every day to buy my fresh food for the day b ) there is no junk food I want to eat Chinese c ) all stores closed at 20.30 , they had no food , so I would not eat at night . So I developed a rock hard 6-pack .(bronkaid weight loss)
2 – Just say no to low calorie foods
Calories “diet” foods are low for the fatties . If you eat 5 servings of low calorie crap is worse than eating “bad” foods such as meat and eggs and butter. Calorie foods that are filling so you do not go to the kitchen and again looking for lower calorie idiocy .(bronkaid weight loss)
3 – Bronkaid (bronkaid weight loss)
Bronkaid is the asthma medicine . Bronkaid contains ephedrine , ephedrine is a fat burning machine . (bronkaid weight loss)
Bodybuilders who use all kinds of legal and illegal to burn body fat drugs also used Bronkaid . Here’s how good it is .(bronkaid weight loss)
4 – UpdateMake it a daily walk , get your daily reality lifting , hell , even go for a run . But do something every day to get your heart going .(bronkaid weight loss)
 Rest days are a bunch of crap and an excuse to be lazy. This is what sleep is for the rest. Your days should be spent slaughter and processing.
5- Intermittent Fasting:Intermittent fasting is the process of fasting for part of the day and eating (feasting) for part of the day. For intermittent fasting you have several approaches..(bronkaid weight loss)

Fat Burning Tips

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