Long German Words

The longest German words attributed their language. If you are just learning the German language daunting , try Streichholzshaechtlchen . How many vowels and consonants What is needed to describe a matchbox ? As Mark Twain said, ” Some German words are so long that they have a point of view. “long german words
As one U.S. official Giant Printed in Germany, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen , my company has provided tutoring German. Although containing umlauts and conjugation of verbs showed discouraging words digestion as Hoechsgeschwindigkeitsbegrenzung – maximum speed limit , gave me indigestion. Mark Twain , who made Heidelberg a second home, describing his feelings long German words into Yankee in King Arthur’s Court . ” Whenever the literary German to a phrase that is the last you’ll see of him until he emerges on the other side of the Atlantic with his verb in his mouth dives. “long german words
Germans to find new ways to torture his very long tongue twisters as death is klapperten Klapperschlangen , bis ihre klappern Schlapper Klangen – Rattlesnake Shake until the bells sounded tired.long german words
My favorite is :
Der Dicke Dicke Dachdecker deckte das Dach .
Dann trug der Dicke Dachdecker , die durch den Dreck dicken Give Dicke .
Dann dankte Give dem die Dicke dicken Dachdecker ,
Dicke Dicke dass der durch den die Give me Dachdecker Dreck dicken trug .
Slater fat thickness covered roof .long german words
Then Slater fattened the fat lady in the thick mud .long german words
Then the fat lady fat thanked Slater ( Slater greasing ) bearing the fat lady in the thick mud .
Beware become involved in these games too many pitchers of Pilsen . A flying head and lighter wallet awaits you in the morning.long german words
The most rewarding part of learning the German language was how forgiving people Deutsch was as tortured me . long german words Germans and Americans trying to speak , seeing it as a sign of respect . After defeating my tutor for five years, Ein Bier Bitte finally mastered . As Mark Twain, “I can understand German as well as the fool who invented , but I can speak best through an interpreter. “long german words

Long German Words

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