Celtic Writing

Druid is at the heart of the Celtic culture and traditions and its existence can be traced as far back as 2000 BC (before Christ ) . However, much of what we know today , we owe to the symbols left behind . Ancient Celts had no written words, but their symbols on a deep respect for nature , the universe, the world around them and their relationship to everything and another .celtic writing
The advent of the Roman invasions and persecution caused these ancient people disperse and settle in distant lands.celtic writing Over time, converted to Christianity and most ancient beliefs and practices they have been practically lost . But Christianity itself took a lot of symbols and their meanings assigned .
Although there is tangible evidence of pagan symbolism what is known comes mainly from mythology and folklore. Celtic Symbols and Celtic symbols of meaning are today a source of much debate in the world.celtic writing
Celtic culture
The Celts were skilled master craftsmen , warriors, farmers , producers and artists. They shared spiritual traditions and living in harmony with nature. However, they were considered uncivilized because of their beliefs and lifestyle.celtic writing They were considered pagan because the Druids and their practices.
Druids were the people have the wisdom and advice and they are made WB the clan elders , astronomers, diviners , healers , historians , musicians , philosophers and keepers of secrets of the universe .celtic writing They were far from the pagan practices that may have seemed so .
The life of the ancient Celtic is steeped in tradition and mysticism. They worshiped their ancestors, the earth and the things that have been assigned by the major powers . They believed in the interdependence of man and his environment and use symbols as a way to illustrate it.celtic writing
celtic writing Celtic symbols were a meaningful way to keep their traditions and explain their relationship to the complex and intertwined around them.
Celtic symbolism
Celtic culture was almost lost with the arrival of the Romans and later the rest of Christendom . While much of their symbol are the exact meanings do more.celtic writing What , however , was retained was recovered from the Celts as the tribes of the Great Britain and Ireland. What they could put in writing in the Middle Ages .
celtic writing It is through these writings that we now know do not write , in fact , it is known that the Druids were forbidden to write. For this reason , they turned to symbolism as a way of communicating their ideas and beliefs.celtic writing

Celtic Writing

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