Small Business Tax Deductions

For all the work that goes into running a small business , there are some distinct rewards that come too . Not only is a rewarding job , but small business owners can use the tax deductions that are not available to individuals . Look at some of the most common tax deductions available to small businesses.small business tax deductions

virtual Assistant
Your Virtual Assistant is fully tax deductible as a business expense -small business tax deductions and the best part is that you do not have the hassle of payroll and benefits appearances handling and discover – your virtual assistant takes care of it all.small business tax deductions

Ministry of the Interior
The home office deduction is the most fundamental that small businesses can claim deduction. This deduction will be used when an area of the home that is used only as a business office .small business tax deductions If the area is used for other purposes , plus an office , you can not claim the deduction. The home office deduction has been controversial lately because it has earned the reputation of triggering IRS audits .small business tax deductions However, this rumor is totally unfounded and a small business with a home office must benefit from this deduction, without the fear of an audit. As the amount of the deduction is based on the percentage of the home used for home office, all you need to know the size of the house and the area of the room used for office.

Supplies and Equipment
All office supplies and equipment purchased for the company are also tax deductible.small business tax deductions Who knew music could be so valuable? Whenever you go over printer paper , sticky notes , pens, etc. , you should save your receipts , as these costs offset the taxable income of your business.small business tax deductions

Office equipment can also be deducted.small business tax deductions Computers, printers, fax machines , even your mobile phone or PDA are deductible if used for business. Deductions may be claimed computers 100 percent in one year or may be amortized over a period of five years.small business tax deductions

Any office or business needs furniture .small business tax deductions Fortunately when you buy desktop or an office chair , you can deduct from your taxes. The furniture is also deductible at 100 percent in a year or can be amortized over 7 years. To get at the same time , a special form (Article 179) must be used.small business tax deductions Depreciation is a bit trickier, since each piece of furniture has a different depreciation program. For example, the cabinet has a value other than depreciation for the year of the conference table. The value of the conference table is different chairs pressure, etc. .

Small Business Tax Deductions

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