Stomach Ulcer Diet

If your doctor has suggested that you start keeping a stomach ulcer diet, you panic fist food is allowed to eat is quite annoying. This is not something you get used to .stomach ulcer diet There is a myth that people with stomach ulcer can not enjoy the food that we are allowed to eat cereal and tasteless porridge only. It’s time to dispel these myths. Regime of stomach ulcer can be enjoyable , and patients with this disease can eat without feeling any pain .

The fact is that a special diet that will cure stomach ulcers stomach ulcer diet. In addition , you will feel better than before. If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from this disease, then you should not stop learning what foods you can eat to treat this disease and continue to enjoy normal life.

Reduce the levels of fat and cholesterol
Most plans include stomach ulcer you reject oily and fried food or fast food offerings .stomach ulcer diet These foods are among the most flavored, and you should avoid them . This is the hardest part of a diet , but here you can make the most progress in the treatment of stomach ulcers .stomach ulcer diet

Nicotine and caffeine stomach ulcer diet
Alcohol and caffeine seems a major problem for patients with stomach ulcers . These are good social habits. Who has not sometimes taken after work? Who does not drink coffee on the way to the office ? The problem is that alcohol and caffeine increase heartburn . Obviously this will only worsen the situation and continue to develop stomach ulcers .

What is allowed?stomach ulcer diet
In general, all healthy food is good for patients with stomach ulcers . What is healthy food ? First, it is of vegetables and fruits . Of course , everything should be in moderation. Even a pill can become poisonous when consumed inappropriately. Ulcer but are always interested in something that helped him. Also want it to be something tasty .

We have found that omega -3 fatty acids reduce the risk of ulcer. These acids are found in fatty fish such as herring , sardines , salmon and mackerel.stomach ulcer diet Omega – 3 fatty acids improve the production of prostaglandin that help to protect the gut mucosa (all digestive route) .

Vitamins and Minerals for Stomach Ulcer Diet
stomach ulcer diet Effects of antioxidant protection can be very high , especially if the patient strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. Antioxidants reduce the risk of ulcers and easy for those who happen to have symptoms such as pain . For example, dietitians and nutritionists recommend eating fruits and vegetables like carrots, cabbage juice stomach ulcer diet, apricots, kale, kiwi, because they contain vitamin C and beta- carotene , which helps protect the stomach lining . In addition, the consumption of these foods can have another positive effect – weight loss .stomach ulcer diet For other products and food ” -ulcer friends” experts call the soybean oil, nuts, seafood ( which is rich in zinc) , whole grains , etc.

Stomach Ulcer Diet

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