Cool Tips for Dieting

Going on a diet is not just a temporary choice to lose the weight at that time, it is a lifestyle change. You are going to want to be healthy for the rest of your life to maximize not only the longevity of your life, but look good and feel energized as you live it. I have a few tips to help you not only with your diet, but to also stay active. As always stay stubborn, dedicated, and positive!

Find any reason to move your booty! Have a baby you have to take care or babysit all day? Put on some awesome music and dance and move around with them. Doing this you will not only work up a sweat, but you will wear the baby out so you can have that much need rest time you have been dreading. Also, why not dance or do squats while you wash the dishes, any free moment is a great moment to exercise and burn calories! Bottom line, just stay active and hyped!

Another good tip you can do is keep a weight journal. Weigh yourself regularly, like once a week or once every few weeks and mark it down. That way you can track your progress and not only keep yourself motivated but also work to fix any problem you may have made. For example, you went on a drinking binge one week, you see you have a gained a few pounds, you will know you have messed up and hopefully put together a plan to fix that. Keeping track of your progress is key to meeting your fitness goals.

Another way to keep yourself from overeating is do not eat while you are distracted. Whenever you are watching the T.V. or a movie, you are more likely to overeat. When you are focused on something else, you are more likely to overeat, thus taking in more calories, and have that bloated lazy feeling. Also, turn your back on that soda. At a restaurant get water, at the movie theater, get water, at your waiting, drink water instead of that free soda. You will be amazed how healthier you feel and how much weight you will when you cut soda out of your life. Also look out for the fat-free trick, while the foods may be fat free, you might just be trading that for extra sodium or sugar!

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Cool Tips for Dieting

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