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Graphic Designers Have Opportunities With Design Marketplaces

Graphic and web designers are in high demand in today’s fast-moving world. Unfortunately, for every designer that has too much work, there is another one that has too little work. Although there are any number of reasons why some design freelancers struggle, there is one excuse for why some of the most talented ones are out of a job.

That reason is many potential clients are simply unaware of a hidden design talent. Furthermore, since freelance talent typically have to work more than one job to supplement their income, many do not have the extra time it takes to devote themselves to marketing their talents and getting work.

Thus, these designers are often left frustrated and questioning their skills within the industry. However, all is not lost because there are design marketplaces that can help a designer boost his or her skills, build a strong client base and learn the quality of work required for major clients.

These design collectives vary per industry, but the design-focused ones typically require their talent to design logos, design websites, help with branding (packaging, fonts, etc.), corporate identity and more. Sites like those have even provided web and graphic designers with enough capital to fund their own businesses.

Thus, not only can one create a strong client base, but he or she will learn invaluable skills for the future design projects. However, not every member of a design collective will be able to flourish. The best ones work hard at constantly honing their craft, marketing their skills, understanding the business side of design and networking.

All of those skills are crucial in helping a graphic designer go from a talented freelancer to one that owns their own design firm. This is because at the heart of all design is a business. Designers who elect to work through a marketplace are exposed to a number of opportunities that someone else in their position would not be exposed to.

Many large international firms are beginning to use marketplaces to source their design talent. This is where a strong portfolio, experience and business skills come into play. However, a person that is new to the site with all of the above traits could easily find themselves working on a multimillion dollar design project.

However, the designers must be ready and projects of that scale typically provide steady work for months. Yet, designers will quickly be let go of an assignment if they are not professional.

Professionalism is key and to take advantage of any opportunities, designers must be very organized and understand how the project will work in the market. Designing websites and marketing materials is simply another medium for businesses to interact with their consumers and impact their bottom line.

Therefore, quickly translating to their clients how the designer’s end results will service their needs in the market will earn the designer utmost professional respect. Yet, even if one does not land that big job quickly, they will still have unprecedented access to highly talented and experienced designers who are all willing to share industry tips.

After all, there is only so much one can learn from college, but it isn’t until one arrives in the real world and works on real projects does the education really begin. Having access to fellow designers to discover little tools and tricks that they didn’t teach in school will add an extra layer of experience to a designer.

Having a collective where freelancers can work, learn and network is key to developing success in the industry. Many times marketplaces offer a level of support that is unheard of for a new or freelance designer to rely upon. Thus taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them is a must because it will only help them improve.

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10 Good Reasons You Should Eat Sweet Potatoes

1. At the top of the list is the fact that sweet potatoes contain large amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants include beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein, which help protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals. According to WebMed,com: An apple slice turns brown. Fish becomes rancid. A cut on your skin is raw and inflamed. All of these result from a natural process called oxidation. It happens to all cells in nature, including the ones in your body.The body fights free radicals with substances that neutralize them. Think Vitamin C and E as well as beta carotene and to a lessor degree–lutein. These antioxidants fight inflammatory problems like arthritis, asthma and a host of other bodily annoyances.

2. Diabetics must follow a low carbohydrate diet and sweet potatoes are a great alternative to the white foods such as white potatoes, rice, refined wheat and sugar. Sweet potatoes are fibrous roots that actually help regulate your blood sugar level and they are known to prevent resistance to insulin. Ever tried a slice of sweet potato pie? Yummm…

3. As I mentioned above, sweet potatoes are a fibrous root, which means an abundance of dietary fiber. Fiber in the diet is a suggested cholesterol preventative that provides numerous benefits to the digestive tract as well. Some studies suggest that the fibrous content of sweet potatoes prevents constipation and may even help in the prevention of colon cancer.

4. While many people depend on supplements to make up for limitations in their regular diet, but sweet potatoes are literally jam-packed with some of the most important vitamins and other nutrients-all of which are major boosters of our body’s immune system.

5. Ecver wondered what folate is necessary for? Well if you are attempting to get pregnant or you are pregnant, then folate is a must to help with healthy development of fetal cells and tissue.

6. Sweet potatoes are considered vital in the quest for methods for preventing heart disease. The sweet potato is high in the essential mineral–potassium. The task of potassium is that it fills a maintenance role by establishing and maintaining the fluid/electrolyte balance. Good electrolyte balance stabilizes your blood pressure and heart function.

7. Another bonus provided by the potassium content is its ability to prevent muscle cramps like the Charley Horse we sometimes experience in the middle of the night. Potassium also gives us an energy boost when your lifestyle includes proper exercise. The added potassium will result in fewer physical injuries during exercise and a reduced frequency of muscle cramps.

8. Although the FDA won’t come right out and say it (nor will the major drug companies) sweet potatoes are good for treating stress-related symptoms. The body functions tend to burn a lot of potassium and other important minerals during stressful episodes. This wonderful root provides many important minerals that will help maintain that electrolyte balance throughout the body during stressful times.

9. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the lowly sweet potato ranks highest in nutrition among all vegetables. Now that really says a lot. Imagine one vegetable that is an abundant source in dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, natural sugar, protein, Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and carotenoids.

10. And best of all-these sweets are abundant in the marketplace and therefore are low in cost.

Sweet potatoes vs. Yams: Don’t confuse the two. They are two totally different vegetables. Yams are native to Asia and Africa. They grow best in tropical regions. Yams are dark (almost black) skinned with a white or reddish purple flesh. We are often confused about these two vegetables because of government interference, but as usual, the government can’t always be counted on to get it right.

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Successful Logo Design Tips

The first thing is to understand is what exactly a logo is. A logo is not a picture, so a photograph of you holding a bunch of keys is not an appropriate logo for a company that makes keys. Designing a logo is in reality quite technological and requires research, an ability to sketch a good design and the skill to use computer software to actually design the logo itself.

A logo is much more than a simple icon representing a company. It is the face of a brand and through its style and color; it is an image of what the brand offers. As the face of the organization, it is extremely important that your logo represents your business positively and attracts clients. However, most people forget that the logo is not the brand itself, but instead, represents the brand.

An example of a good logo would be the McDonalds logo. The restaurant serves burgers but that doesn’t mean that the McDonald logo had to be a picture of a burger. The logo represents the brand but is not the brand itself.

There are a few steps that are usually followed while designing a logo. The first step is researching the brand to be aware of all that it offers and the type of customers it wants to attract. This is followed by the sketching process. Once a design has been chosen, a prototype is designed to send to the client. After it has been reviewed, any suggestions the client may have are taken into account and the finishing touches are added to the logo. The finished logo is presented to the client after providing customer services and copy right.

Like anything else, the process of designing a logo requires technique and follows a few basic rules. Four main rules define the criteria that a logo must meet; it must be easy to remember, must describe the organization itself, must be effective without color and finally, must meet these three rules in any size, whether gigantic or microscopic. Adobe Creative Suite is a popular choice of software among logo designing professionals.

Keeping the logo simple and uncomplicated is extremely important. Too many elements would make the logo complex and will probably end up confusing the customer, defying the entire purpose of the logo. Therefore, the simpler the better! Keep one or two elements at the most that define the brand and then base your design around them.

If all these instructions are followed you are sure to end up with a successful logo that can be part of your company branding project.

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Basics of Studying Graphic Design

If you are highly skilled on the computer and artistically inclined then a career path is in all likelihood going to relate to something in the area of graphic design. If wishing to pursue this career path there are many high-quality art schools offering a comprehensive range of graphic design courses, which are tailored to specific areas in the industry. Prior to enrolling into a particular graphic design school it generally benefits to have an appreciation of what will entail if you followed this particular career line.

Knowing what to study in art or design school

The type of learning you are likely to experience in an art school is likely to vary quite significantly; this will depend on the particular program you sign up to. Basically, you are likely to be instructed on the basics of design, which might involve typography, color theory, and drawing. Your chosen direction is likely to involve a wide range of typography classes, such as experimental, poster, web-based, manual, and digital. A standard course might also involve learning several different fields including those relating to information design, editorial, and print.

Deciding on the best career path in design

A chosen career path in the graphic design industry is likely to revolve around the particular type of tuition you received throughout your time at art school. Some of the main opportunities in graphic design for a successful career included website design, brand identity design, publication design, retail design, environmental design, and several others.

Even though there isn’t any guarantee that a recognizable qualification or degree in one of the arts or design fields will result in a promising job in the short-term, these qualifications will go a long way to making sure that you are rightly prepared to pursue a career in this industry at some stage. In view of the increasing demands of design, either internet-based or offline, this is one of the career paths that is likely to require more and more skilled personnel as time goes by.

Considering the other skills a designer might require

Beyond just being highly skilled at creating the artwork for a website or print publication, it is also necessary for someone in the world of graphic design to acquire other standard skills, which can relate to having an excellent people skills. A need to interact with other people in a team is likely to be essential if you are to be working in a team.

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5 Effective Techniques for Graphic Designers

1.) Create a Sketch First

You want to put all of your ideas on paper first before you make your design. This means sketching out various ideas to see what they will look like before making a commitment to one. All too often, time is wasted by starting with one idea and trying to make it work after it becomes obvious that it will not. So sketch out all of your ideas and then choose the one that works the best.

2.) Get Plenty of Sleep

Inspiration comes to minds refreshed by a full night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can not only curtail your ability to create, it can also put you in danger as well when driving or engaging in activities that present possible safety issues. In fact, getting enough sleep each and every night will mean that your waking hours are more productive. That means that you’ll get more done in less time and be happier for that.

3.) Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s amazing how many people are not even aware that the keyboard offers shortcuts that can save time and help rest your muscles as well. Most graphic designers use the mouse or stylus which can become burdensome at times. Using keyboard shortcuts will give your muscles a much-needed break and provide a faster route to the many programs that you use.

4.) Limit Yourself to a Niche

Everyone is really good at something and perhaps not quite as good at other things. If your graphic design talents lean in one direction, then you should specialize in that area. This doesn’t mean ignoring other areas, but by highlighting what you do very well it can draw in more business as you have demonstrated your talents in this particular field.

5.) Charge the Right Price All the Time

Your services are valuable and require fees to adequately cover them. This means you need to set your fees appropriately and do not compromise them away. All too often, graphic designers charge to little for their services and wind up losing money over time instead of advancing their career. Once you have set up your practice and developed a reputation strong enough to compete effectively, you will need to set fees that reflect your worth. So, don’t offer discounts that rob you of profits and instead set strong, reasonable fees for your services.

By following these five simple techniques, you can develop your skills as a graphic designer and enjoy a healthy profit at the same time all without having to do extra work.

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What You Thought You Knew About Losing Belly Fat Is Wrong

Have you seen those television advertisements and full page magazines ads promising that you can lose belly fat with an incredible abs cruncher device? They usually have some muscle bound guy or girl showing how easy it can be when using their new gadget.

As much as you may want to lose that excess fat on your stomach and as appealing as it may seem to take 10 minutes each day shedding your spare tire, it just does not work that way.

You Cannot Just Lose Belly Fat.

If you just work on your abdominal muscles you can tighten and tone these muscles, which is good in and of itself. But the fat in your stomach area will not directly be affected by itself. Don’t let that stop you from exercising at all. The secret of how to lose belly fat is to build your large muscle groups: legs, chest and back.

Muscles require a lot of energy to maintain. The more muscle you have to maintain, the more energy that’s required. Where does it get that energy? From your blood stream. Where does your blood stream get the energy? From several different places.

Your body gets its immediate energy from the sugar already in your blood. But it uses that up very quickly during heavy use, like exercise. Then your liver releases a supply of sugar into the bloodstream and that is also rapidly used within approximately 10 minutes of heavy work or exercise.

Now comes the interesting bit. The next place your body takes sugar from is your fat because it the easiest place to make and convert to energy or sugar. But it does not necessarily use the fat right from where the muscle is being worked on. It takes it from all over your body.

Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat.

Although doing 30 minutes on a belly buster device will build and strengthen your abdominal muscles, it will not help you to lose belly fat. You may possibly lose some inches, but that will be your muscle toning up not just fat burning off.

This kind of equipment can help you can help you lose a few inches and strengthen your body but it is not reasonable to expect it to burn the fat just on your belly. You can include strength training with this type of equipment, but you need to do overall strength training to lose belly fat.

The best way to lose the fat around your stomach is to build the large muscles in your body like your legs, back and chest muscles. This will help burn the belly fat because a good workout for more than 20 minutes begins to burn fat overall.

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