5 Effective Techniques for Graphic Designers

1.) Create a Sketch First

You want to put all of your ideas on paper first before you make your design. This means sketching out various ideas to see what they will look like before making a commitment to one. All too often, time is wasted by starting with one idea and trying to make it work after it becomes obvious that it will not. So sketch out all of your ideas and then choose the one that works the best.

2.) Get Plenty of Sleep

Inspiration comes to minds refreshed by a full night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can not only curtail your ability to create, it can also put you in danger as well when driving or engaging in activities that present possible safety issues. In fact, getting enough sleep each and every night will mean that your waking hours are more productive. That means that you’ll get more done in less time and be happier for that.

3.) Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s amazing how many people are not even aware that the keyboard offers shortcuts that can save time and help rest your muscles as well. Most graphic designers use the mouse or stylus which can become burdensome at times. Using keyboard shortcuts will give your muscles a much-needed break and provide a faster route to the many programs that you use.

4.) Limit Yourself to a Niche

Everyone is really good at something and perhaps not quite as good at other things. If your graphic design talents lean in one direction, then you should specialize in that area. This doesn’t mean ignoring other areas, but by highlighting what you do very well it can draw in more business as you have demonstrated your talents in this particular field.

5.) Charge the Right Price All the Time

Your services are valuable and require fees to adequately cover them. This means you need to set your fees appropriately and do not compromise them away. All too often, graphic designers charge to little for their services and wind up losing money over time instead of advancing their career. Once you have set up your practice and developed a reputation strong enough to compete effectively, you will need to set fees that reflect your worth. So, don’t offer discounts that rob you of profits and instead set strong, reasonable fees for your services.

By following these five simple techniques, you can develop your skills as a graphic designer and enjoy a healthy profit at the same time all without having to do extra work.

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