Successful Logo Design Tips

The first thing is to understand is what exactly a logo is. A logo is not a picture, so a photograph of you holding a bunch of keys is not an appropriate logo for a company that makes keys. Designing a logo is in reality quite technological and requires research, an ability to sketch a good design and the skill to use computer software to actually design the logo itself.

A logo is much more than a simple icon representing a company. It is the face of a brand and through its style and color; it is an image of what the brand offers. As the face of the organization, it is extremely important that your logo represents your business positively and attracts clients. However, most people forget that the logo is not the brand itself, but instead, represents the brand.

An example of a good logo would be the McDonalds logo. The restaurant serves burgers but that doesn’t mean that the McDonald logo had to be a picture of a burger. The logo represents the brand but is not the brand itself.

There are a few steps that are usually followed while designing a logo. The first step is researching the brand to be aware of all that it offers and the type of customers it wants to attract. This is followed by the sketching process. Once a design has been chosen, a prototype is designed to send to the client. After it has been reviewed, any suggestions the client may have are taken into account and the finishing touches are added to the logo. The finished logo is presented to the client after providing customer services and copy right.

Like anything else, the process of designing a logo requires technique and follows a few basic rules. Four main rules define the criteria that a logo must meet; it must be easy to remember, must describe the organization itself, must be effective without color and finally, must meet these three rules in any size, whether gigantic or microscopic. Adobe Creative Suite is a popular choice of software among logo designing professionals.

Keeping the logo simple and uncomplicated is extremely important. Too many elements would make the logo complex and will probably end up confusing the customer, defying the entire purpose of the logo. Therefore, the simpler the better! Keep one or two elements at the most that define the brand and then base your design around them.

If all these instructions are followed you are sure to end up with a successful logo that can be part of your company branding project.

Max Chohan is a highly experienced web designer and graphic designer in Dubai [] who has worked for some of the leading website design companies and graphic design companies in the region. His expertise includes extensive experience in designing and developing both mobile and desktop websites with integrated graphic design solutions.

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