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Volunteer Atlanta – Everything You Need To Know

Atlanta Office Schools Public Engagement

The ” schools of Atlanta Office of Public Engagement is responsible for creating and fostering partnerships between Atlanta Schools, community volunteers , teachers, parents, local and national businesses volunteer atlanta, groups non-profit organizations and civil society to advance student achievement . The Office of Public Participation was created as part of the reform of the training that occurs in all of Atlanta schools. The objective of the Office is to connect schools all resources that can have a positive influence on the success of students in the Atlanta Schools . Many of these relationships are creative and innovative.volunteer atlanta Several programs most successful partnership involving some of the largest companies in the nation.

Program ” bring home ” Hewlett Packard volunteer atlanta

volunteer atlanta Atlanta Schools has long been part of the program of ” Bringing it Home” Hewlett Packard . The Atlanta Schools partnership with Hewlett Packard is part of a larger program that has representatives from Hewlett Packard visiting over 600 schools in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean . The main objective of “Bringing it Home ” Hewlett Packard is to encourage students, parents and teachers to create and communicate with technology. ” volunteer atlanta Bring it Home” Program Hewlett Packard is an interactive exploration program that allows students to gain practical experience in the use of digital photography and computers.

volunteer atlanta Price Middle School in Atlanta schools “was one of the places where students were exposed to the latest innovations in technology . Students from the East or the prices could see how this technology could be applied to their own assignments and projects . The purpose of college course helps students to make their work more effective volunteer atlanta. Students , the principal and teachers of the college prices have all benefited from the participation of schools in Atlanta “in” Bringing it Home ” Program Hewlett Packard .

Long-term partnership Atlanta schools ” with General Electric volunteer atlanta

Atlanta Schools has been in partnership with General Electric Energy since 1993 and continue this partnership in the future. The alliance with General Electric involves different projects and the oldest graduate schools in Atlanta, who are now employees of General Electric study was initially launched .volunteer atlanta Association General Electric began as a program of tutoring and mentoring where employees of General Electric were offered in schools in the region, but has grown to include Saturday SAT preparation, the Resource Centre of the technology, family and scholarship programs. At present , there are over 1,500 employees involved in General Electric General Electric Partnership in some way volunteer atlanta. General Electric Partnership has proved to be very influential in student achievement SAT .

volunteer atlanta In 2002 , General Electric has donated $ 1 million for the Southside High School Atlanta schools “as part of the grant of the College Bound program of the National School of General Electric. This gift of Southside High School was the first grant program College Bound grant be given to a school in the schools of Atlanta.volunteer atlanta granting is used by Southside High School ” strategic design for student Success ” project. huge school project plans to double by 2007 volunteer atlanta, the percentage Students who graduate from Southside High School ranging from four years to two -year colleges or universities, or who enroll in technical schools .

Volunteer Atlanta – Everything You Need To Know

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