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Starting a business is an exciting adventure, and perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is the choice of your company name . But how do you decide on a business name that is meaningful, memorable and comfortable for your potential customers ? Here are four things to consider when deciding on the name of your company .business name availability

Look to the future .business name availability

It is obviously a good idea to make sure your company name accurately reflects their products or services ,business name availability many employers warn against too narrow a view not to hinder the expansion of your business or branch . For example , you may decide to integrate my Independent Business Press : Sarah Editing Services , Inc. However, I also offer my writing services – something that my company name does not reflect – and a potential customer looking for help to write it could happen list to another publisher ,business name availability not realizing that writing is a service that I do.

(Of course, if you find yourself in a situation where the natural growth of your business goes beyond the scope of your name,business name availability you still have options , you can simply change your name – Sarah editorial Services , Inc. – or you can file a DBA under the company name – . Sarah Edition service , Inc., doing business as Sarah writing services )

Do your name availability

Most budding entrepreneurs know that it is a good idea to know if someone else is using your business name , many, however, are not aware of the complexity of such a seemingly simple task .business name availability It is not enough to see if your company name is a URL (even if it is a good start) – there are several places to look, and according to your ambitions , perhaps several others.

The first place to look is the office of the Secretary of State. You can search your corporate documents to determine if someone else has built its business with the same name (note that the end of the business is not a distinguishing factor in the availability of name:business name availability if Sarah Services Publishing , LLC takes Sarah editing services , Inc. is not available). In some states , the search will find individual companies and other DBA in others, you ‘All have to check at the county level for extra records DBA.

business name availability Once you have determined the availability of the name of your state , you can not be a bad idea to check the availability in neighboring countries where it is conceivable can be extended in the name availability

TOP Business Name Availability

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