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Banned Books List

Over the past 200 years , America has gone through many political phases. During these periods , many books were banned by the communities they felt provide a bad influence for children. banned books list However, it may surprise you that the books were banned ! Many of the titles of these children are widely available and critically acclaimed . Read more and see the three books that have been the most surprising banned banned in school libraries in the United States .banned books list I also included the reasons why they were banned .

A .banned books list Madeleine L’ Engle “A Wrinkle in Time. ” His books actually take place in a fantasy world of vivid never want to escape . (Remember Hogwarts JFK Rowling ?) The plot of the book focuses on the principal of a young girl find her father’s goal. It was banned because it includes crystal balls, abracadabra , and witchcraft , and also to use the name of Jesus Christ, with the names of great artists considered ,banned books list scientists, religious leaders, and even philosophers .

Two . ” A light in the attic. ” From Shelf Silverstein This is a book of poetry for children is actually gay. Why is it forbidden? Due to inappropriate content .banned books list The book was challenged at a particular school in Florida, and is said to promote ” disrespect , violence and terror. ” Some poems encourage disorder and even some disobedience ,banned books list some parents tried to ban the book.

Three .banned books list Mark Twain’s ” The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn . ” This book was definitely considered as one of the most controversial novels ever written and one of the most enjoyable , too. It was banned by the use of strong language and a very pronounced racism. A school library went on to say that the influence of the work on youth is “perverse” effect.banned books list In addition, the use of the word “n”, which has been used repeatedly in the book, was the cause of their removal from the playlist eighth grade .

Banned Books List

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