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Books to Read Before College

As part of becoming a well-balanced adult , find a good book is a great place to start . I ‘All talk about the books that I think are a must read before entering their college years .books to read before college

A Christmas Carol

This book is a grumpy old man books to read before college, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is awakened by the spirits on Christmas Eve . These spirits show Scrooge the outside looking in , missed opportunities in his youth, his cruelty , and his miserable existence just a terrible fate that awaits him if he does not change. It faces the ultimate question : death or redemption?

Three different ghosts throughout the night visit Scrooge :books to read before college The Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present , and Ghost of Christmas . The Ghost of Christmas Past shows what once was happy until his greed for money got in the way . The Ghost of Christmas Present shows the life of people today .books to read before college And finally, the ghost of Christmas shows his fate if they do not change their habits.

What is written to illustrate how the Christmas spirit inspires good morals and trends in people instead of immoral selfish tendencies ,books to read before college greedy we can face due to other factors in our life story. It also shows that anyone can use your darkest hour the appreciation and love .

If you have the opportunity to read the book, familiar with the story . It has some life lessons it everyone should be aware of !books to read before college

To Kill a Mockingbird

” To Kill a Mockingbird ” is a story illustrating the injustice and prejudice of Alabama in 1930 by Scout and Jen ‘s childhood . In the novel, the small town of Macomb ,books to read before college Alabama is divided blacks and whites , racism prevails, and those who are ignorant and those who are not . When a black man accused of raping a white woman , all hell breaks lose and see how the city is responsible for the event. Several events of the novel in the form of their character and taught them about human nature .
Not only is this book a classic, but it is also intense, exciting , and worth a visit ! Who does not love a story full of innocence , love , compassion, and history !books to read before college

Animal Farm books to read before college

” Animal Farm ” is a dream that animals have to live together without humans to control and oppress them. Once your dream a reality , everything begins to change. At first , the farm prospered and all animals were happy.books to read before college

Books to Read Before College

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