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Several major book publishers in the UK plan to introduce color-coded bands for old children’s books later this year. Children’s Books Group Publishers Association says that research shows that 86 % of book buyers welcome the idea of ​​the direction of age and 40 % say they are more likely to buy books with indications of publishers uk
The categories that appear in the books are :
” Five more
” Seven
” More than eleven
” Thirteen more / teenager.
book publishers uk Are expected to include recently published from this autumn books and reprints of books for children and is.
Experts in the field of children’s literature have reacted strongly to the age given . When Philip Pullman was informed of the plans of their editors told them not to allow age bands to appear in his publishers uk Its editors took their views on board but Pullman concerned that many other writers do not dissent in the Gaza -old female presented to them as if it were a fait accompli. Some authors have not been consulted at publishers uk
Philip Pulman , Adele Gras Anne Fine and make a statement opposing the regime of age bands as ” ill-conceived , damaging the interests of young readers and highly unlikely … ” This statement was posted on a website that encourages people to make public their opposition to sign a petition and express their reasons for doing so . The list includes not only the published authors , but parents ,book publishers uk librarians , booksellers and publishers uk
Neil Gamin indicates that he believes the movement is that in the UK more and more books are sold in supermarkets and age groups makes it easier for shelf- stackers life.
Whether good or bad, and I think it can be good , I personally feel very strongly against age group, so I put my name to the publishers uk As a writer for children, I do not want my readers to be marginalized by age , but my motives were purely selfish. Children should have the right to choose for themselves what they want to read and at what level are able to read .
book publishers uk My son had read the same book for months graduate in his book , until I told his teacher and said he did not seem to want to read publishers uk His teacher suggested my child chose their own reading books from a collection of books that are not classified system. Now you can not wait or show me the book he brought home from school .book publishers uk

Best Book Publishers uk

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