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How Much Cardio To Lose Weight

In this article we will talk about how much cardio to lose weight and how it affects your diet and other training . Losing weight can be surprisingly simple. When it comes down to it , it is all about calories in vs. calories burned . When you are trying to lose weight , a large part of your focus should be in your diet. Assuming you eat few enough calories , the next step is to focus on your cardio.(how much cardio to lose weight)
Cardio is probably the most effective type of exercise to do when your main goal is weight loss . And , of course , the visual impact is most effective Cardio you can do cardio. Why is it so effective cardio for weight loss because it can carry out this type of training for a long time and , in so doing, you will be burning a few calories . (how much cardio to lose weight)What you do not realize all, however, is that the answer to how you are doing cardio also depends on the type of cardio you do.(how much cardio to lose weight)
Let’s examine two different types of cardio that you can use to lose weight.
Once done correctly , you can use a combination of both to burn an ideal amount of fat and calories. (how much cardio to lose weight)Here is a 1/2 – 1 hour cardio workout that will not only burn calories , but are mostly fat
5-10 minutes warming
10-20 minutes HIT
20-30 minutes traditional cardio
Why this cardio workout to lose weight?
So why should I do training instead of a traditional cardio time ? When doing cardio with this structure , it is likely to burn a lot of fat.(how much cardio to lose weight) How so ? It all starts with the part of HIT .(how much cardio to lose weight)
From your cardio workout with some type of interval training high intensity forces the body to release fatty acids in the blood . HIT is what liberates free fatty acids from the bloodstream by creating a higher level of HUGH ( human growth hormone ) . So why not do HIT and burn more fat ?…(how much cardio to lose weight)

How Much Cardio To Lose Weight

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