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The Company Name Check Process – Avoiding the Pitfalls

An audit of the company name is essential when selecting a name for the proposed business . A thorough inspection inform you of any legal constraints , and work with them to find the perfect name . You should check the name of the company in all likely candidate for your company name check during the process of creation, rather than settling on the name. There is nothing worse than discovering that the name ‘s been days since the election has taken or other restrictions.

This article describes how to check the name of the company to help in your search for the perfect business name .company name check

A . Company Name Check – Summary

In short, you must perform the following names of company checks as a minimum :company name check

o Check that the name of your proposed business is available.
o Make sure the name is not a trademark for goods or services name check
o Make sure the name is not used by a competitor operating in your area .

Two . Has been given the name of the company?company name check

Verify that the name of the proposed company is available for registration. No two companies may be registered at Companies House with the same name check Companies House may refuse to register a business name that is “too equal an existing name on disk . , This is the first element of the audit company name to take.

Three . mandatory suffix company name check

The suffix to add to the name of your company depends on the company you train types . In most cases , it will be “limited” or ” Ltd “, but can also be ” SA “, ” PLC ‘,’ Community Interest Company ‘,’ CC ‘, Welsh equivalent of ” unlimited ” o .company name check Unless you qualify for a specific exemption , the company name must end with one, and only one of those suffixes. Also noted that these suffixes can not appear anywhere in the name of the company, except at the end . Make sure your check out to the company that you consider this mandatory suffix.

April. Words and expressions sensitive or offensive

If you want to use certain words in the name of your company as ” Holdings ” “international” , “English” or “trust” , then you must meet certain conditions and / or have the appropriate name check

Also, if your company has an offensive word and Companies House registration will be denied. They also refuse to register a name in which the use of the name would be a criminal offense.

The use of a company name of verification tool to check the availability of your proposed name and offensive words sensitive and time is name check

May Do not forget Brands

The registration of the mark is completely independent of the index of the Companies House of company names . Check both .

A company can register a name that distinguishes your products or services as a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property in the United Kingdom ( IPO) ,company name check the office of the Community trade mark (HIM) or the World Board Intellectual Property Organization (IPO ) .

The Company Name Check Process – Avoiding the Pitfalls

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