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Chromium For Weight Loss – How It Work?

Chromium supplementation may have different forms of chromium , such as chromium nictitate , chromium polychlorinated , chromium chloride , and the most popular chromium picolinate .
(chromium for weight loss)You may have heard that chromium is needed by the body . This is true .(chromium picolinate weight loss) Chromium is an essential mineral that facilitates the action of insulin . Insulin is one of the most important hormones involved in energy metabolism , it was thought that chromium supplements can help in fat loss.(chromium picolinate weight loss)
(chromium weight loss)Unfortunately , there have been mixed results in studies that have examined the role of chromium to help lose weight. (chromium picolinate weight loss)An examination showed no benefit for supplementation of chromium, while the other said very slight weight loss in people who took the supplement compared to those who do not.(chromium picolinate weight loss)
(chromium for weight loss)Most studies to date have not been conducted for a sufficiently long period of time, and used a small number of participants to be conclusive .(chromium picolinate weight loss) Supplementation of 200-400 mcg per day is most commonly used in these studies, however, doses as high as 1000 mcg were used .(chromium weight loss)
There are some health risks taking too much chrome. Some people may experience headaches , sleep disturbances , mood or changes , while severe intolerance can cause vomiting , diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disorders .(chromium picolinate weight loss)
(chromium weight loss)People taking herbs containing chromium, such as horsetail and cascara may have an increased risk of chromium poisoning .(chromium picolinate weight loss)
Conclusion : At this time , research on the chrome is a bit mixed and therefore inconclusive. It seems unlikely that this supplement has a dramatic effect on weight loss . (chromium weight loss)Due to the risk of toxicity , high and / or long-term supplementation doses is not a good idea ..
Just think… right from the comfort of your own home you can get all the help you need to lose weight, gain weight, deal with compulsive overeating, or simply learn how to have a nutritionally-healthy lifestyle..(chromium picolinate weight loss)

Chromium For Weight Loss – How It Work?

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