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Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs

So you have decided on a career as a graphic design. How much money can you expect to make in this area?entry level graphic design jobs First, you have to watch what you do when you enter the field compared to what can be earned over the life of your career. The American Institute of Graphic Arts in 2008 found that the entry level designers earned on average $ 35,000 per year , while senior designers with experience and supervisory functions an average of $ 60,000.entry level graphic design jobs These creative designers who were heads of departments own their own business or have been partners in design firms that design salary of about $ 95,000 per year appreciated.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2008 designers make a total average of $ 42,400 per year – the lowest paid 10 percent of designers a salary of less than $ 26.110 per year gained,entry level graphic design jobs while the highest paid 10 percent earned more than $ 76.660 . After reviewing graphic designers before entry level with experience, there are industry wage differentials used in. Of the five industries employing the largest number of graphic designers, the computer systems design and related services the best paid in $ 47.860 per year ,entry level graphic design jobs and printing and related support activities that have at least $ 36,100 per year .

College education , including a title, has a marked effect on the amount of money a designer can win. An Associate of Applied (AA) in Graphic Design Science allows a designer to have a median salary of $ 36,074 ,entry level graphic design jobs received a Bachelor of Fine Arts one gives a slight edge to $ 41.260 .

When working as a professional graphic design makes a difference in salary , too. According , the average annual salary for a graphic designer from San Francisco is about $ 52,000 and the second best city to work in Seattle -entry level graphic design jobs the average annual salary for designers in the city is about $ 47,000 . Other cities that offer good wages for graphic designers are New York, Los Angeles , Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas.entry level graphic design jobs

 And what works for a small business or a large company, when it comes to pay a graphic designer , it is preferable to work for the “big man” :entry level graphic design jobs companies that employ fewer than 10 people earn an average annual salary of just over $ 35,000 , while those working in large companies with 50,000 employees or more to see an increase of more than $ 53,000 per year.entry level graphic design jobs

— So how does all this compare with the average American worker ?entry level graphic design jobs The results of the 2007 U.S. Census Bureau , the average salary in the U.S. is about $ 81,000 per year , taking into account all types of jobs and experience . If you’re a designer with a degree that has been several years in a large company, or who has managed to create his own design company , could reach or exceed this average.

entry level graphic design jobs The future designers seem to have the potential for growth and progress, especially for those who are constantly improving their technology and keep your finger on the pulse of the needs and desires of the powers of the company . For graphic designers , especially , endurance is the purchasing power parity .entry level graphic design jobs

Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs

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