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Low Carb Fruits For Weight Loss

This is a pretty simple question, but the answer can be difficult to achieve , especially because it depends on what kind of blueberries are talking about : fresh, juice or dried.low carb fruits

fresh blueberries

If we talk about e.g. blueberries, regular bonuses, carbohydrate figures are according to Wikipedia : dietary fiber = 4.6 g, total sugars = 4.04 .low carb fruits These figures could confuse some of us , however, because of the very low carb are invited to subtract the dietary fiber of total carbohydrates for the calculation of “net carbs” , which is the figure that really matters ( dietary fiber is a carbohydrate , but not digested so it does not contribute to high levels of sugar in the blood) .

low carb fruits As Wikipedia lists only total sugars and total carbohydrates not its necessary to check another reliable source to see if the list of total carbohydrates . The calorie counter gives the following figures for 1 cup ( 95 g ) blueberries : fiber = 4.4 g; sugars = 3.8 g = 11.6 g total carbohydrates . Subtracting the total fiber gives 7.2 g net carbs , which is low enough to allow us to conclude that blueberries are a low carb fruit.low carb fruits So far so good , except that almost never eat raw cranberries are more likely to drink juice or eat dried .

Cranberry juice low carb fruits

If we talk about 95 g of cranberry juice , these figures from the National Agricultural Library should be interesting dietary fiber = 0.1 g; sugars = 11.49g , Total = 11.59g carbs , giving 11.49g net carbs ( 11.59 – , 1 ) . In other words low carb fruits, gram for gram , cranberry juice contains 1.5 times more than the first net carbohydrates cranberries . But how many times we only drink juice 3G ?

A typical cup contains 253 g of liquid. Use a cup that our new measure gives 7.2 g of raw cranberries net carbs and a huge net carbs 30.57g cranberry juice !low carb fruits Although primarily blueberries are low carb fruits, considering the amount of blueberries must be used to produce a single glass of juice, and the fact that most of the fiber is removed , it is easy to how concentrated sugar would .low carb fruits

Now if that is not enough , more cranberry juice has more sugar added , because pure material is too bitter to the taste of people low carb fruits . So unless it is a treaty made cranberry juice with artificial sweetener in particular, you are probably the best way to avoid cranberry juice on a low carb diet .


Finally, we consider the dry, popularly known as ” Raisins ” blueberries.low carb fruits Unfortunately, most are commercially available raisins loaded with sugar for the same reason cranberry juice are – dried cranberries are simple too acidic for most people . Carbohydrate counting for a specific net cup dried raisins depend on the brand, each producer has its own production process, but suffice it to say that the dried unless they are sweetened artificially low cranberries are not the fruits of carbohydrates.low carb fruits

If you ‘re lucky enough to get a hold of dried cranberries unsweetened counting net carbs on a gram per gram basis will remain higher than the costs, simply because they are smaller , so you can customize many of them in 3G which can raw fruits .
And blueberries are low carb fruit ? In theory yes low carb fruits , but in practice , the answer is usually no.

Low Carb Fruits For Weight Loss

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