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House Signs UK

In 1995, I moved back home with my family dream of a charming village along the Sussex coast , where most households do not have house numbers – just the names of the houses. Our house was simply called “The signs uk I used my skills making signal for us to sign a new wooden house with the brand name for our new signs uk Have created a route name of the house 3.5-inch ” V channel letters and gave them gold leaf finish – . very elegant , I thought the sign was illuminated by an automatic security light is activated when someone walks on the signs uk

A dark night in December had to call the local doctor in our emergency clinic for our youngest son who had chest pain and difficulty breathing -house signs uk The doctor said he would be with us in about 5 minutes – on 20 minutes later the doctor came and examined together with our son complained bitterly that wasted valuable time trying to find our house. – According to the doctor who could not see the name of our house in the dark and we had to walk up and down our road shines his flashlight to find the exact name of the house for 15 minutes!house signs uk The good doctor also complains that this is a common problem for him during the hours of darkness . He mentioned that even households with house numbers can be difficult to locate from a car at night , you may like our own properties with just a household signs uk He also stressed that any intervention of emergency services 999 also have the same problem to find homes in the dark and the consequences thereof can not find my direction quickly at night could be much worse .

house signs uk Upon leaving, the doctor suggested me to make a visible name in case you need a new medical home. – Both elegant plate or sheet of wood I just had – we could not see the road at night and the security light does not light when you do not walk the path could also be seen from a car .house signs uk

Then my wife , Julie had the bright idea to make a sign to the house of reflection for our house – just in case a doctor had to be recalled ,house signs uk or if any other emergency.

house signs uk I came directly to him and made WA wooden sign with the name of reflective white letters of the same material used to make signs at work.

House Signs UK

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