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Teach English in Thailand

As the third fastest growing economy in Asia after China and Japan , Thailand is becoming a very attractive place to work for Westerners .teach english in thailand With the standard of living is still relatively cheap and warm weather throughout the year , enduring long, cold winters and heavy taxes seems crazy . For this reason, teaching English in Thailand has become very popular in recent years and is currently undergoing a period of rapid growth.teach english in thailand

Demand for foreign teachers is growing at an exponential rate due to the growing importance of the Thai people to speak English at a high level . The Ministry of Education recently announced that Thailand will recruit 300 more foreign teachers for its public schools over the next year , teach english in thailand offering higher wages than normal in an attempt to increase the level of English of the economy booming.

teach english in thailand Monthly wages of foreign education currently stands at an average of 35,000 baht per month (about $ 1,160 ) and can be about 50,000 baht more in a couple of years. Considering it costs about a third of the cost of living in Thailand compared to the West, the equivalent of a salary of about $ 3,000 per month. The food is much cheaper in Thailand teach english in thailand, such as housing, and about half of its revenues are recoverable if your budget properly.

Teaching English in Thailand is a place to start a career as a foreign teacher,teach english in thailand and also a great place to study your TEFL course . A number of companies offer loans at prices far cheaper than the west, and the immediate employment opportunities offered TEFL at the end . Perhaps the greatest benefit to the study of their TEFL in Thailand is to be able to gain practical experience in teaching foreign students during their course .teach english in thailand

Study your TEFL in Thailand allows you to have an idea of the country, people and culture before finally making your choice if you want to teach permanently.teach english in thailand TEFL courses can be found throughout the country , but are most common in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai offers perhaps the most attractive balance between city and rural life.

teach english in thailand There has never been a better time to consider teaching English in Thailand now . Thailand is very welcoming to foreign residents and the country desperately seeking talented personable teachers for positions across the country . Student visas are available through companies that offer TEFL courses in Thailand and accommodation can be arranged prior to arrival .teach english in thailand

Teach English in Thailand

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