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During the first three months of 2010, unemployment rose to 2.47 million. Although it is a less marked increase than expected , many economists predict a further increase because of the anticipated future job losses in the public sector .job seekers claim Positive news came form financial experts believe that unemployment will peak at about much lower than the figure previously thought $ 2.7 million . In addition, the signatories of the request for allocation of job seekers actually fell by 30,900 in May, which corresponds to 4.6% of the workforce.job seekers claim

Despite this, there are still nearly 1.5 million British citizens claiming observers allowance , with 926,000 people in the age group 16-24 years.job seekers claim For graduates of the situation was particularly grim , with a small number of job opportunities are available . Although the general situation improves , graduates will know the consequences for years to come, due to a chain reaction effect , the offer was much higher than the demand, which has created a backlog of people seeking graduate studies .job seekers claim

For those who have been made groundnut as a result of the recession ,job seekers claim the ritual ” signature ” office work can be a daunting experience. D ‘ transition from a regular salary offers decent job seekers (w 51 under 25 , w 65 for 25 and over ) may be difficult to do, especially because of the sharp decline in sales.job seekers claim This should not be the only solution.

job seekers claim Otherwise, the income payment protection can provide security in case of unemployment . With policies that offer up to 75% of its original recipes while unemployed or unable to work temporarily . For a monthly fee, you can save your lifestyle for the period they are unemployed , which means there is less to worry about looking for an already anxious time . IP is a backup regime ,

Job Seekers Claim Info

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