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Low Fat Low Carb Diet

Since the 1950s , when Ancel Keys reported that dietary fat actually leads to problems of obesity and heart patients were in a real fat low kick .low fat low carb diet It is well known that low in fat and rich in whole grains and vegetables diet is good for the whole body and definitely a healthy heart . The problem is that it’s a lot of nonsense and I do not mean to munch popcorn .low fat low carb diet

This common misconception that eating fat makes people become keys fat was invalidated by itself in the actual study that was used to validate the contrary.low fat low carb diet Confused yet? Well, let’s clarify . The study, which included 22 countries , has tried to reach a conclusion that there was a link between fat diet ( especially saturated fat ) and heart disease ,low fat low carb diet high cholesterol and later went on to include cancer.

low fat low carb diet Whew! That’s a lot of bad things , right? Well seven of these countries with diets rich in fat , in fact have a high incidence of heart disease . What is not said is that a number of countries who ate large amounts of fat had less heart disease than countries that do not eat fat.low fat low carb diet

His theory has been refuted there on the spot low fat low carb diet. So how can we still believe his original views ? Because he rejected the rest of the study and only given the information that goes with what he had tried to prove . He could have a closer look at the diet of seven countries to see what they ate together which may have been the cause of heart disease – because the data are not related to fat consumption .low fat low carb diet

 It did not . Instead of the most ridiculous and harmful thought it might have started . His bias towards your point of view,low fat low carb diet took the stage and incorrect information has been sent. Then we could have watched the news and saw that he was biased / false and ignored or considered quite bad. Instead , we decided to pretend it was true and that is the gospel in terms of health and nutrition is concerned.low fat low carb diet

 The end result , rather than butter healthy and whole margarine milk fat low fat low carb diet, man made or hydrogenated fats and partially hydrogenated oils and weak imitations ; scare people to eat meat and fat real food , the food pyramid to show that people should eat 11 to 12 servings of grain products per day ( he actually says that you should eat more grains than vegetables !) .

 Doctors and medical associations began to force the regime problem worldwide with high cholesterol , heart disease or obesity.low fat low carb diet People still do not seem to lose weight. The fact is that the world , especially the United States really began to pay higher rates of obesity . Now we are one of the most fertile in the world.

low fat low carb diet Failure to be a country of fat – is placed squarely on the people and not the misinformation that has been taught to follow. It has now been shown that there is in fact no correlation between fat intake and heart disease or high amounts of saturated pure bad cholesterol diseases low fat low carb diet. The actual information pointing unhealthy grain and high levels of LD or bad cholesterol and heart disease hydrogenated oils..

Low Fat Low Carb Diet

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