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Lulu Books – Use Lulu – It’s Free To Join, And Easy To Use

If you want to know how to sell books online , probably the best way to start is using . The main goal is to make Lulu print on demand, but can be used for eBooks too .lulu books
Participation is free Lulu . Setting up your account with your name, e -mail address, and you’re ready to go.lulu books
When you sell a copy of your eBook, the payment goes directly to Lulu , and care is taken to provide the file. Once a month , you will receive the amount you earned in the previous month. You will receive the payment on your PayPal account.lulu books
I for many years Lulu myself used to print books, and I ‘Ave always been very happy with them.
Soon you will realize that Lulu is easy to use. We offer purchase window to show their books to the public , and not have to do anything special to get it.lulu books
Once you are ready to configure your eBook, you must click “My Lulu “, then ” start a new project . “lulu books
When you create your project, you choose between the printed book and eBook. In this case , you must choose one.lulu books
Give your book a name and choose Sell on .lulu books
People to find your eBook file on your computer, and upload to Lulu .lulu books
Lulu offers some coverage for your book. You can choose between one of them, or create and upload your own .
You can protect your eBook theft. It only costs a small fee to do it, and I recommend you choose this option.
In a final step , the price of the book is set. One can immediately see how much you have to keep you and how much you will pay the fee for each copy sold .
Lulu has many advantages – it’s free to start, and you do not pay a fee to sell a book . However, you will not receive information about their customers, and they do not offer an affiliate system.
You have to do all the marketing without the help of members, but if you decide to sell your book in print , yes, it is so easy to do. And even you can sell two versions of a source file.
The biggest obstacle will be overcome ,lulu books is not to sell your e -book, but to get it in writing.

Lulu Books – Use Lulu – It’s Free To Join, And Easy To Use

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