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Mountain House Plans

There are several types of plans bluebird house that you can use to build a birdhouse . Depending on where you live , you will build a house , or an Eastern Bluebird ,mountain house plans Mountain Bluebird and Western Bluebird . O, where s ranges overlap with oriental, you can build a bluebird house that will accommodate two species.

mountain house plans The basic design of the blue bird house to a “x” x 1 ” and 1″ x “” X10.5 piece of untreated wood and unpainted . Based on these two plates , making the cut for roof, floor, sides and front and rear panels . Several different styles of bird houses are tile Gilbert , Peterson, and the small birdhouse Carl Plans Dandridge .mountain house plans

A big difference between making a mountain east before Western bird house or a blue is the size of the inlet. In the first case , you want your round hole diameter of the hole is 1/2 inch or 1 3/ 8 x 2 1/4 inch vertical oval hole ,mountain house plans while the Mountain Bluebird Western or require a round hole size of slightly greater than 1 9/16 inches or use the same size, vertical oval .

mountain house plans When ranges overlap between east and either s Mountain or Western blue , size 9/16 holes ” for all species can use it, unless you just want oriental s . His hole must be drilled 6.5 inches the lower part of the front wall so that it is enough to keep predators ease of obtaining and damaging the eggs or chicks high .mountain house plans

After all cuts , then use galvanized nails to put together.mountain house plans Do not use nails which are not intended for outdoor use and is oxidized . A side door has two nails joined at the top by the front and rear walls to rotate to open and close the door for monitoring and cleaning part nest. You also need some sort of lock on the bottom of the door so you can be assured and does not open easily.mountain house plans

Make small cuts in the four corners of the floor to act as drainage holes.mountain house plans The back wall will be higher than the front wall so that the roof is likely to also provide for drainage with a slight surplus. Also connects the side walls of the front and rear panels so that there is a 1/4 inch at the top for ventilation.

mountain house plans It is now time to install your bluebird house . You must mount a nest in one of eight feet, 0.75 inch diameter galvanized pipe with the entry of five feet from the ground . Mount box away from prevailing winds and / or the midday sun . Also install a predator guard to keep snakes, raccoons and other predators damage eggs, chicks or even parents .mountain house plans Install, just below the box, or install two to four feet long, crown diameter of eight inches or a sleeve of PVC pipe in the post, shakes so vague and keeps predators.

mountain house plans Choose the right plan bluebird house and follow these guidelines for the use of materials..

Mountain House Plans

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