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Osteoporosis Diet For Weight Loss

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Osteoporosis , or porous bone is a chronic degenerative disease that leads to bone fragility and increased fracture risk. In the United States , osteoporosis is a major health problem, especially for people aged 50 and over.osteoporosis diet Currently , 10 million Americans are estimated to suffer from osteoporosis. About 80 percent of those affected are women.

The most common cause

For every chronically ill a variety of causes usually blamed osteoporosis diet. Ultimately , however acidosis or excessive acidity of body seems to be the most common cause of almost all degenerative diseases cause, including osteoporosis . Most nutritionists and many other scientists agree that the acidosis itself is mainly due to nutritional deficiency related to our modern diet acid.osteoporosis diet

Our body metabolism , physiology and immune system , which are essential processes and systems that promote health and life itself ,osteoporosis diet working at their optimum level when our body is slightly alkaline pH. Such is the case when our blood pH is in the range of 7.35 to 7.45 . Below and beyond the region of optimum pH , the vital functions of the body are subject to a progressive deterioration and , as a result of degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis will be developed over time , the one after the other .

osteoporosis diet For excessive accumulation of acid acidosis in and around the cells is a highly toxic and if individual cells throughout the body . For this reason, in the presence of acidosis seek the body is to eliminate or neutralize the excess acid using its primary defense mechanisms of regulation. First, the body will try to remove the blood flow in the excess acid , breathing, perspiration and urine. But if excess acid continues to build the body will begin to use and deplete its alkaline mineral reserves.osteoporosis diet At this point , particularly the first calcium seeps blood and soft tissues , and from bone, cartilage and teeth . The latter process can eventually lead to osteoporosis.

The foods we eat are divided into two categories :osteoporosis diet foods (vegetables , fruits) and producing food ( animal products , cereals, sugars) alkalizing acid. More details on the acid-base properties of specific foods are given on our website in Table Foods acid – alkaline . To maintain our body slightly alkaline vibrant health ,osteoporosis diet we must take an alkaline diet should consist of at least 80% alkaline forming foods and not more than 20 % acid forming foods . This goal is , of course, difficult and almost impossible to achieve with our current lifestyle . But for our balanced diet anyway we add to our modern diet on a daily basis , a number of nutritional supplements.

Natural Osteoporosis Treatment osteoporosis diet

Agree with all the above statements and principal nutritionists finally osteoporosis can be slowed,osteoporosis diet stopped or even reversed with an alkaline diet enriched with nutritional supplements and alkaline mineral water ( a person should drink at least 2 5 liters of water per day ) . This is what is recommended as a natural treatment of osteoporosis.osteoporosis diet Keep our slightly alkaline body is the only way to empower our bodies..

Osteoporosis Diet For Weight Loss

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