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Using Acupressure for Weight Loss – Acupressure Points

The use of acupressure for weight loss is easy. Releasing some pressure points will help you in your quest for weight loss. Incorporating acupressure in your diet and lifestyle to success. There are a number of things you need . This includes a card body reflexology , reflexology map of the ear, a map of reflexology and hand reflexology card . Familiarize yourself with these cards to quickly locate your acupressure points.(acupressure points for weight loss)
It is suggested that you start and end your session stimulating acupressure point ” appetite control ” ear . It is located in the ear and can help prevent overeating and help you reduce your food intake . (acupressure points for weight loss)This acupressure point is stimulated as follows ; while looking in a mirror , place your fingers on the jaw. Open and close your mouth a few times until you feel when moving the jaw bone beneath his fingers .(acupressure points for weight loss) Place your finger where most jaw movements feel. The finger should be next to a small fleshy protrusion of the ear , not the ear lobe . Enter this part of the ear with thumb and forefinger and press with a constant pressure. Applying this pressure for two to three minutes.(acupressure points for weight loss)
Stomach 36 (St 36 ) , located four finger widths below the lower border of the patella and a width of one finger of the tibia on the outside is the best place to feed the chi and blood. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. (acupressure points for weight loss)You have found the right article when you feel the movement of the finger muscles when the foot bends . Apply moderate pressure for about a minute at this point.(acupressure points for weight loss)
A close neighbor of St 36 is the acupressure point Spleen 9 (Sap 9). (acupressure points for weight loss)After pressing St 36, drag your finger on the tibia until right side of the tibia on the inner side of the leg. Then drag your finger up along the tibia at the knee about an inch until they fall into a natural depression .(acupressure points for weight loss) Sap 9 is in this depression. It is involved in the regulation of metabolism in the body of water …(acupressure points for weight loss)

Using Acupressure for Weight Loss – Acupressure Points

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