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Sold House Prices Uk – Everything You Need To Know

The last few years have been difficult in the real estate market in the United Kingdom and recent studies predict that the issues could worsen. London council Fathom predicted that if the euro collapses, the chain reaction effect on the price of the Balance Stir ling could see property prices in the fall of the capital to 50%.sold house prices uk

The theory is that the value would greatly increase Stir ling against other European currencies, deter foreign investors buy in the UK .sold house prices uk

With a drop in demand , prices could end up having to go down to compete with property prices the lowest in other European countries.sold house prices uk

sold house prices uk In recent years, foreign investors have been willing to invest in the London property market , see the UK as a safer than riskier countries economies such as Greece and Spain bet that struggled to maintain solvency during the global financial crisis. Experts have called this phenomenon as an investment “safe haven” .

Development Securities chief executive Michael Marx said that investors from countries like Russia ,sold house prices uk China and Singapore were particularly responsible for the continued strong property prices in central London recently. He said : “Investors are looking to the world the euro as a place where their money would be safe are thinking there would be a danger and looking to invest outside the euro” .

sold house prices uk Popularity Postal Codes prestigious London as Chelsea, St John’s Wood , Kensington , Knotting Hill, South Kensington, Bulgaria , Westminster and Mayfair, the average prices of properties that have been standing in € 1.2 million – six times the national average price housing . This indicates that , despite the double-dip recession , London property has remained in demand.sold house prices uk In fact, the value of these areas grew 30 % faster than in other parts of London and 34 % faster than the rest of the UK.

sold house prices uk 60% of goods sold in these regions increased premiums to some of the richest investors in the world, showing that they have a property prices in the UK investment, find alternative cheaper and more desirable to abroad, could have a devastating effect on our housing market .

sold house prices uk As Michael Marx continued , “There is a global impact when the euro is in crisis, it is not only limited to countries in the euro zone. “

sold house prices uk Much of the world direct to central London in particular and never think to invest in other parts of the country investors. Perhaps now , however, it is the right time for them to start looking at other cities and towns , where housing prices remain favorable.

Sold House Prices Uk – Everything You Need To Know

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