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Volunteer Africa – Programs Powered by Celebs

Celebrities have been generally more than willing to help local causes , but the fact that they manage to make the world more than the average American means that they can see first hand what is happening in the world. It’s hard for the media to soften the blow or filter the news when facing a real situation caused by poverty and terrorism.volunteer africa
The trend of big U.S. stars look beyond the borders of their country of origin in the form of help has been called ” the Angelina hump” or ” globalization of celebrity. ” Voyager for filming the exotic foreign cities and not can stop giving a player a healthy respect for the reality of cultural differences and how people are forced to exist in countries like Africa.volunteer africa Suddenly the world seems smaller and people suffering does not seem so far.
She was the grandmother of actress and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF Tea Leonine who helped create organizations that are helping thousands and thousands of foreign nationals who are in extreme circumstances.volunteer africa Leonine said that the stars that have made ​​films in countries classified as developing countries have seen first hand the things they could not refuse . Increasingly, which causes them to ” use their celebrity” muscle their way in terms of information to educate the rest of us.volunteer africa
Some high-profile volunteer work includes notable :volunteer africa
Angelina Jolie or work with refugees in Africa
or efforts of George Clooney and Don Headless to raise awareness about Darfur
Bono or drive to eliminate Third World debt volunteer africa
schools or Oprah Winfrey and Madonna for African girls
O Joy contributions to clean water projects in Latin America
Salma Hayek campaign or for a vaccination program
Sting support or tribes living in the rainforest volunteer africa
Celebrities tell us that a little can go a long way to help a community that has been hit by a serious situation.volunteer africa Joy said a project valued at just $ 5000 can save dozens of lives and save community disaster. As indicated above , celebrities are often in the forefront when it comes to help at home , but when things get difficult in a country like Africa , often look worse than most of the disasters that occur here and are ready to start and do everything possible to make a difference .volunteer africa

Volunteer Africa – Programs Powered by Celebs

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