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Volunteer Definition – Make a World of Difference

Motivation is the driving force of each volunteer. There are several theories on motivation. Each theory is unique and provides an explanation of why volunteers do what they do , despite the circumstances.volunteer definition “Need hierarchy theory “, also called ” Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ” theory is the most widely discussed for motivation, but may also respond to the reasons why people volunteer . Maslow’s theory states that people are motivated to suit their needs : physiological , safety and security , belonging, esteem and self-realization.volunteer definition

Hunger and thirst fall physiological basic necessity .volunteer definition According to a study by the World Health Organization , 100,000 people die every day from hunger-related causes . Some people who are comfortable with the basic needs are passionate about giving back to society . Therefore, people who are ” blessed ” with a certain empathy to volunteer .volunteer definition In addition, this social empathy, rings true for safety and security, and volunteers go to extraordinary lengths even risk their lives to protect and shelter.

Belonging is universal to be an accepted member of a group need.volunteer definition Therefore , volunteering opens the door to meet people and make friends from different cultures. Build self-esteem through a real recognition of their contribution attracts many people to volunteer . A classic definition of self-actualization is ” the full realization of potential.volunteer definition “The combination of meet every need of motivation to volunteer leads to achieve self -realization. Briefly , unbeknownst volunteering, motivation plays a key role in the voluntary spirit .

volunteer definition Volunteering can be as simple as salute the children in a reception room to extinguish risky and dangerous fires. People volunteer for many reasons . The main thing is that volunteers have fun ! If it is to be a model of effective behavior for the community, or brand a world of difference .

Volunteer Definition – Make a World of Difference

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