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Volunteer in Dubai

During my short stay in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), I found a variety of government services , and met with the support of some sophisticated citizens volunteer in dubai, which in my opinion surpasses the quality of public services in the United Kingdom or of other advanced countries.

 It was a fun surprise every time a WOW response . This is an indication of an excellent program implemented seriously. A leap forward has been made in this little place in the region,volunteer in dubai and I thought the Dubai phenomenon limited to the real estate industry !

I stayed in Dubai for there are more than eight months. My children live and work in Dubai. I am a senior business researcher and consultant by profession and I am very curious in nature .volunteer in dubai I am one of the few people in Dubai who regularly perform long exploratory walks outdoors like hiking in the sand. The weather was great this year so far, exceptionally mild with many days of rain even . Overall, it was a good place for discoveries .

I present several true stories of my meetings with government departments in Dubai. The stories took place in 2013 in Dubai, but that took place in December 2012.volunteer in dubai

Dubai Municipality and Java ( DNC , JT) / Complaints about noise pollution : Location JT ( Jumper Lakes Towers ) volunteer in dubai. It is a very quiet residential and commercial area , including dozens of high-rise towers overlooking numerous lakes. Suddenly one day earlier this year , I was awakened by the sound of a big machine.

 After a few days of wearing the noise ,volunteer in dubai I decided to go out and locate the source of noise pollution. Proved to be an energy generator that is used for the renovation of a shop on the ground floor of the tower opposite to mine.

volunteer in dubai At his request, with the direction of the shop supervisor realized that the tower does not provide a feed of the workshop online , and therefore had to use the power of noisy generator , even on Fridays. The supervisor noted the work would last two months.volunteer in dubai Voiced objection because of strong noise , and is amplified by sound reflections towers adjacent buildings.

Volunteer in Dubai

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