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Volunteer Montreal – Everything You Need To Know

Last winter , I went to volunteer at the old brewery in the center of the mission of the task factory Montreal.The beer is a shelter that houses homeless.I was with members of my church who organized the event.volunteer montreal Contact with the mission to inform what we wanted to do was set , and he kindly agreed . The day we chose to volunteer preparing large portions of lasagna, salad and rice to feed the men go away . When we arrived at the shelter we were greeted by volunteers who govern the shelter.volunteer montreal

The volunteers gave us information about the shelter and took us on a tour (which was the day so that the rooms were empty). volunteer montreal The men sleep in rooms that contain a large number of beds . They sleep safe at night, during the day and eat again . Men eat in a large room with about 10 tables and chairs around . This room was connected to the kitchen aligned against us when we were waiting to receive food to give to men.volunteer montreal

After the visit, we started to prepare the tables and food for the men who came to eat . We started to put bread volunteer montreal, peaches, napkins, knives and forks and spoons in all tables . Then the men came in and sat down . After men, we went to a little cafe that gives everything she wanted. When they served coffee ,volunteer montreal which then serves as the main course, which was lasagna, rice and salad.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes , the men rose from their seats individually and went through the door. When a large number came every table began to make the plates, glasses , knives and forks in the kitchen for washing.volunteer montreal When all the boats were on the table cleared tables , which means the end of the meal and we left.

Volunteering in the old brewery was a good experience for me , it was fun , mysterious and difficult. It was fun because I like to help people who need my help.volunteer montreal To volunteer your time is to give a part of yourself, and therefore receives a blessing to you and that is what I received. I had no idea that one of these men, I have never seen before and you’ve never seen me .volunteer montreal They only come from the street to enjoy a meal and I just used . I came to serve with nothing to gain , but in the end I was the only one to win more than I could give these men.

volunteer montreal This experiment showed that there is something special about being a servant. There is a piece of happiness to take that nobody else can really understand . To see the smiling faces , thinking about life , people, the stories of these people and even the future of these people volunteer montreal. Knowing that you played a role in..

Volunteer Montreal – Everything You Need To Know

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