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Top 5 Things to Do on a Volunteer Nepal Trip

Nepal has long been a favorite with tourists of all ages . The latest trend in motion moves responsibly. Where tourists are involved in local volunteer work that benefits the local community at the base. While volunteering in Nepal ,volunteer nepal it is always best to combine volunteer projects with fun activities that help break the monotony of work. After all, travel in a foreign country ,volunteer nepal but also experience the local culture and a break from the life of the house .

volunteer nepal The ascent of Mt. Everest: Each year, thousands descend on Nepal to conquer the highest peak in the world. Although most do not at the top and decided to return midway , is an exhilarating experience and do a volunteer trip in Nepal. The best months to go is between April and October , the snow is less threatening and the climb is easier.volunteer nepal November to March is mounted closed even for experienced mountaineers .

Discover Buddhism : Although Nepal has a dominant Hindu population , many citizens practicing Buddhism here .volunteer nepal The birthplace of Buddha in Nepal is full of temples and Buddhist monasteries. Even highly practitioners Hindus worship Buddha. Throughout Nepal icons peppered with Hinduism and Buddhism.

Take the kids to the orphanage / school for a day excursion :volunteer nepal A picnic with grandchildren can be a great way to get more of them. Trips or hiking can be an interesting way to teach school children . The children of the orphanage especially love picnics or trips because it is a treat to have unbound pleasure. Volunteers also benefit from what it turns out to be another type of interaction with children and other caregivers / teachers.

Ecotourism : A Himalayan nation volunteer nepal, Nepal is full of mountains, peaceful lakes and inspiring temples. Volunteers do not need a luxury hotel to see the favorite places of Nepal. A tent and practice safe ecological measures do not affect the nature around you . In Nepal , it is very important to maintain the delicate balance of the environment that is constantly threatened .

volunteer nepal Adventure sports Nepal volunteer trip is full of adventure . Volunteers enjoy all kinds of activities in Nepal. Trekking, climbing, rafting, are some of the most popular in Nepal voluntary choice. Volunteers use their weekends volunteering programs are an opportunity for adventure activities volunteer nepal. Nepal is an ideal place to enjoy the outdoors .

Top 5 Things to Do on a Volunteer Nepal Trip

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