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Top 5 Volunteer Thailand Programs

Thailand has become the brand as a tourist destination. But life in Thailand goes beyond parties on the beach full moon , colorful floating markets and traditional tourist routes. Lots to see, do and contribute to the local community in Thailand. The country thrives on volunteer programs and welcomes volunteers with open hands of a foreign land . Most volunteers traveling in mountainous areas of Chiang Mai, Chiang RAI , Saurian .volunteer thailand
There are many volunteer opportunities in Thailand.
Home / orphanage.volunteer thailand Most orphanages or children ” home children as they are called in Thailand are very dependent on volunteers orphanages lacking, with little or no training in child care children do not have. Anyone to take care of them and were placed in orphanages . volunteering in an orphanage in Thailand is a rewarding experience that children acquire someone who can inspire and spend quality time love.volunteer thailand child care showered on them by volunteers.
Education : curriculum works in many parts of Thailand.volunteer thailand Several organization conducts training programs for volunteers for school children and monks in monasteries. Monastic schools are mainly in Chiang RAI. Working with the monks is an interesting aspect of volunteering in Thailand. Volunteers teach English mainly grammar and fluency of children.volunteer thailand
Hill Tribe Community : volunteer thailand The people of Lana Chiang Mai is very friendly and generous. Working with them is a unique experience. Their culture and lifestyle are very different from other parts of Thailand . Volunteers who work with community buildings for the development of hill tribe community , caring for children whose parents are at work , restoring agricultural land and help build a better life for people .volunteer thailand The facilities provided for volunteers who work with people of Lana in Chiang Mai is very basic, but clean and hygienic.
volunteer thailand Elephant Camp : Elephants are an integral part of Thai culture and rituals. One of the most sacred animal of Thailand is white or albino elephant. Thailand elephant camps are very attractive destination in the volunteer program in Thailand. Volunteers work closely with caregivers to care for elephants elephants in the camp. They prepare their meals, bathe them, help clean the surrounding area .volunteer thailand Volunteering in Thailand Elephant Camp is one of the most fun to volunteer abroad means .
Health:volunteer thailand Students in pre students – med and nursing have much to gain by volunteering in a health center in Thailand. Centre Saurian is not fully equipped and understaffed. Medical and nursing volunteers contribute much in terms of health care for the local community here . Often , volunteers must provide a home delivery service for people who can not travel or do not have money to travel . Volunteer program in Thailand is a rewarding experience.volunteer thailand

Top 5 Volunteer Thailand Programs

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