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Top Languages in The World

Language is considered a minor in communication at the dawn of the Internet problem . With the internet connection with other people in other parts of the world have become so easy to click a few tabs on any social network. However, the language barrier is as real as ever, even if it has been resolved by the determination of some people to learn other languages worthier than their own . Safe to say , the larger the population of a language , the greater the chance of language to be on the languages in the world
Knowledge of the ten most spoken languages win the world can help you be better prepared in terms of their ideas via the Internet or uncomfortable during these languages in the world This linguistic ability, you can even get nods of approval others. What are the top ten on the list?top languages in the world
French . The French language has been dubbed the most romantic languages win the world , which has about 129 million languages in the world Imagine hearing the French words in exotic places like Rwanda , Haiti , Cameroon, outside Canada , Belgium and France .
Malay- Indonesia. About 159 million Asians do speak Malay- Indonesia and it is not a surprise that Indonesia is the sixth most populous and Malaysia to the nearest neighbor .top languages in the world There are many local dialects , but most of them have their origin in the Indonesian language .top languages in the world
Portuguese. Well, there are narrow areas such as Macau , Angola, Valenzuela, Mozambique and Brazil who speaks Portuguese. These are the places visited by Portuguese sailors centuries explaining the spread of the language and eventually spoken by 191 million people .
Bengali. Yes, about 120 million Bengali daily conversations .top languages in the world Bengal of India , it is also a densely populated country .
Arabic. Be the sixth language at the UN chicken can really cheer about 246 million people speak this language. These people are usually found in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia , Iraq , Jordan , Egypt and other parts of the region . top languages in the world Religion also plays an important role because the Quran is in Arabic , Islam many people trying to learn this language with fervor.
Russia. Just when we thought that Russia has said it all , about 277 million people still speak the languages in the world
Spanish. Wide dissemination of Spanish words as expected boon or a patio in the English language says it all – 392 can speak the language at any languages in the world
Hindus . Or perhaps Bollywood films in India have also contributed to 497 million speak Hindus .top languages in the world

Top Languages in The World

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