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To the readers of this guide tennis , here are some basic information about your server.

I play tennis for a long time , and I became very competitive.xsport fitness locations

At first , I learned to play, but I jumped on the study of techniques and styles Thurs It was a big mistake!xsport fitness locations

My third tournament I sprained my wrist, it was a grade 3 sprain , alas!

The doctors told me it was because the ligaments are stretched beyond their normal limits Upon investigation, I discovered that these ligaments are quite difficult .

So why do I really sprained wrist ?xsport fitness locations

I must have fluctuated around my racquet difficult? Wrong! This is not about power , it is art .

My technique was filled with bad form , because I started playing without the knowledge needed to develop a good shape.xsport fitness locations I bought an online guide (link on my site squid if you are interested ) and that helped me a lot . You do not understand , I used rude for so long that he could not break the habit . I could never put a price on the amount that guide helped me , I became a new player.

In this tutorial I will teach some basics about the tennis courts to get you started .

This is crucial ,xsport fitness locations you should do whenever your opponent hits the ball. This is called the split step is a technique that balances the weight properly so that you can move in any direction quickly and easily. Go to the soil slightly and land on the balls of your feet. This door weight.

You should also take a position of “loan” , which should be every moment that his movement on the ground.xsport fitness locations Stand with your feet about hip-width apart , and you must press the racket right in front of you .

xsport fitness locations Here’s a great drill to improve your goal volleyball and reaction time , two of the most important aspects of tennis ! Stand the T-section between the two service boxes , back to the network . Have a classmate you volley, and yell fire . When it makes you turn around and fly back to him as best I can .

xsport fitness locations You must be able to react like lightning ! Practice this exercise every day and you could be faster than John Conroe !

xsport fitness locations Tennis Rackets Tennis ask a guide together.

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