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Bluewater Jobs – Everything You Need To Know

” The propane tank is empty, ” I said . “Have a second tank that we can change ? “bluewater jobs

” Yes, we are ,” said Elaine , ” but we do not know how to change. This is a blue job.”

Blue work ?bluewater jobs

I stayed all night with Elaine edge Blue Moon anchored in Puerto Escondido ( Baja California ) . I take my license test upgrade to next day amateur radio, and I got a ride to Puerto Escondido after Elaine had kindly offered to me .bluewater jobs Her husband Tom was on the delivery of a boat according to Moorings charter in La Paz,bluewater jobs and said he would welcome the company. We had been preparing dinner when spat cooking.

bluewater jobs I raised my eyebrows in response to questions. Elaine said she and Tom had defined “blue jobs ” and ” pink jobs ” – and , predictably , has the rosy Also scheduled work , jobs that you are good enough with stereotypical. “Women’s work ” . Cuisine , supply , keeping the boat cleaning ( including care of the mold when it appeared ) , health finance and management written communications and radio were some of the tasks set for me bluewater jobs. Elaine Among other things, the blue areas covered something mechanical and metal with moving parts – put things such as propane connections firmly in the camp of Tom .

” He works for us,” he said . “We are very clear about who is responsible for what. “

bluewater jobs At first I thought that this division of labor ridiculous . Blue and pink ? How sexist! Over time , however, to think of this conversation , I saw method in the madness of the surface. Thinking about my own experience, I realized that my partner and I crossed implicitly divided our work along similar lines.

bluewater jobs I was in charge of the base at home – such as cooking , cleaning , laundry , maintenance of tanks filled with water – and the largest operator of radio communicator family , and business leader . He took care of the engine , navigation systems ,bluewater jobs outboard , electrical system, and ensures that all our electronic products are kept in operating condition. We simply do not recognize the division of labor as Tom and Elaine .

bluewater jobs Looking back on my years as second in command, I see a pattern among the people I ‘Ave met in my travels. Certainly not hard and fast, but it seems that model the cruising couple , especially those in their first couple of years in life, tend to allocate tasks on pink and blue stripes , as I want to think otherwise.

But I do not think I can stay there. I think a cruise ship have ” purple paper ” tasks that both parties do. Example, when it came to be set up , my partner and I shared missions cruise bluewater jobs. We knew both how to read the clock, set the sails and sail along the coast and in the blue water. We rotation watches four hours when at sea, and had the same responsibility to materialize.

bluewater jobs From the point of view of safety , purple is the color that ensures a cruise life a success, but do not think the sailing community will never let pink and blue !

Bluewater Jobs – Everything You Need To Know

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