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Construction Company Names

No novelist Marilyn Robinson has long published an article in the New York Times on Biblical references in the literature , which makes me think of names inspired Bible companies and product names .construction company names

Surprisingly, there is not much.

Robinson noted in his article, ” Biblical allusions can suggest a degree of seriousness or importance .construction company names “They gravity and resonance and indicate a complexity of experience, she said.

I think these points also apply when the biblical allusions appear in trade names. Due to the widespread education on religious faith, inspired by the Bible are often based on a well-known names .construction company names They are more likely relevance and recognition of references to movies, songs and other elements of popular culture in the long term .

If you run a secular business, you may want to avoid a religious flavor. However, as will be seen in most of the examples that follow, the Biblical references are not necessarily across as sectarian or devotee.construction company names

Names Bible derivatives fall into these categories :

A . The characters of the Bible. For example:

* Samson – After Samson , the strong man of the legendary Old Testament.construction company names

* Gourmet Sea Salt wife of Lot – A reference to a woman married to the nephew of Abraham, who was warned not to look back to escape the fire and brimstone of Sodom and Gomorra. He however, and became a pillar of salt.

* Beale rooms – In the book of Exodus, a master craftsman Beale was chosen to develop the Ark of the Covenant and other sacred objects.construction company names

Two . Words , phrases or concepts of the Bible , especially the Book of Proverbs , but also other parts of the Bible.

* Iron Men – A construction company of two men in Michigan named after Proverbs 27:17 , ” As iron sharpens iron construction company names, so one man sharpens another . “

* Apples of Gold – An online jewelry company explicitly states that the reference to Proverbs 25:11 , ” A word is like apples of gold in settings of silver. “

* Forbidden Fruit – A shop in Austin, Texas , which sells ( ahem) adult toys construction company names, the name of the scene in the Garden of Eden when Eve convinces Adam natural eating of the tree of knowledge , God their forbidden to eat .

Three . Chapter and verse numbers . This kind of biblical reference surprised me , since most people can not quote chapter and verse from the memory of the family Bible passages . However, when explained, these allusions resonate .construction company names

* Gym 9:27 – A personal training business whose name points I Corinthians 9:27 : “But I discipline my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I ‘d removed me the price. “

* construction company names Thirty One – A direct selling company that offers handbags, bags and products organization whose mission is to celebrate, encourage and reward women is parallel to the evocation of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.

In North America, the biblical references – especially the Old Testament – tend to have an ecumenical flavor and not necessarily identify with a particular religion.construction company names However, at the international level that may be true .

During the examination of company names with a man with the intention of creating a company name in English based in Dubai , I asked to use the name to evoke the wisdom of Solomon . ” No, it would be perceived as an Islam Jews construction company names. At the same figure, but refers to him as Sumerian . ” And, of course , India and Indonesia , King Solomon did not evoke associations at all .

Construction Company Names

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