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Five Easy Scrap Book Ideas

Looking for easy scrapbooking ideas that take hours to complete ? Look no further ! This article will present five simple tips scrapbooking design to show your photos and stories of your family shine .scrap book ideas

A. Best Of. Design a scrapbook that highlights family ” Best Of” .scrap book ideas For example , a page from a family vacation, choose a photo showing the highlight of the trip . Feel free to list each member of the family of his best memories of this trip . (Bonus : Create an album together on the basis of this idea, a page with a favorite food, a favorite attraction page , a page -time favorite , etc. . )scrap book ideas

Two . Top 5 .scrap book ideas As the “best” configuration page of the album, ” Top 5 ” can focus on the best films of the year , best games in a football season or the best songs of your teenager listening. Note: This method is a great way to get your kids involved in your scrapbooking ! They love lists and get their opinion on paper.

Three .scrap book ideas Who / What / When / Where / Why. Select the “just the facts ” in your scrapbooking design by choosing some photos and submit with the basic option . Say you’re in the picture, what they do, when and where the photos were taken , and why they were there.scrap book ideas You can always come back later and add additional stories to delve into the details.

April .scrap book ideas In a word … And if you had to choose a word or phrase to summarize the event or when you document ? Maybe a collage of pictures of your kids running through the sprinkler summer could be entitled ” Showers of fun. ” A picture of your mother cuddling their first grandchild could be presented with the “pure love.” Sometimes a word or two is all you need !

scrap book ideas May . 1-2-3. If an event that takes place in time is captured , three photos may be just what you need to convey the whole story. For example , for a wedding page , you could have a photo of the bride walking down the aisle with her father, one of the two to the altar , and one of the newlyweds leave the church happy.scrap book ideas The story is told through a series of progressive images on your scrapbook page .

scrap book ideas Creating scrapbook pages simply does not hurt your brain or take hours and hours. I actually have a lot of different ideas for a daily , design, beautify your scrapbooking layouts and more at my blog.

Five Easy Scrap Book Ideas

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