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Volunteer Mississauga

Have you ever heard the phrase ” The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner ” It is not the name of a book and a movie, I have no idea what they are talking about . Racing long distance s’ proved to be one of the best opportunities to meet people I’ve had in years .volunteer mississauga

Distance Running Marathon race is 42 kilometers from around the world and 26 miles from the United States . A middle-aged man (like me) dreams term 3 ½ hours and must be able to do this in about 5 ¾ hours volunteer mississauga. When you think about running long distances, the images of t -shirts and shorts in sweat , panting and cursing some probably come to mind . And when you view networking , these are work clothes and acting sweet and elegant .

volunteer mississauga I guess you have problems to rationalize these two images and maybe think about Ale is desperate for an article this month. The marathon is an exciting hobby with events around the world, volunteer mississauga with over one million members and more than fifty million encouraging. The most famous events in North America is the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon. My Exotic term objective is the great wall marathon .

volunteer mississauga Locally in Toronto , we have 3 Major Marathons, Marathon Toronto Scotia bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Marathon and Mississauga. This does not even touch the many small events such as the 10 km race Sporting Life , CIBC Run for the Cure volunteer mississauga, and Angus Glen Half Marathon.

So where networking is all this?volunteer mississauga

Start by introducing my friend Mike Collins of Toronto Marathon. Mike is a businessman who has worked in the finance , retail , business and other things graduate. Mike When I discovered the Toronto Marathon was a smoker and was a volunteer for the Foundation of heart disease .volunteer mississauga When Mike asked innocently financial support for heart disease , the man said yes and responded by asking Mike to help in water at a Marathon station .

 At the end of his first marathon, Mike led the van nature and participate in all kinds of logistics. Voluntary Mike for several years, stopped smoking volunteer mississauga, started running K and now works full time with the Toronto Marathon . One of its main functions ? Mike is the volunteer coordinator before and during the weekend.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to network in a marathon. While marathon runners come from all walks of life ,volunteer mississauga has been my experience that most are educated professionals success and aggressive. Like attracts sponsors and extending in almost all areas. Toronto Marathon Sponsors are companies that can be expected as a Gatorade , Powerboat , and The Running Room .

volunteer mississauga It also includes hotels , newspapers and all other necessary steps to make a success of this great event .

Volunteer Mississauga

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