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Internet has penetrated into all walks of life, which has greatly increased the need for better connectivity. Lately ,alcatel business portal businesses regardless of being offline or online, see Internet connectivity as an essential part of your business processes. However, remote areas and businesses had to settle connectivity available, mainly due to higher cost of cable installation where returns are minimal for service providers. Growing hunger for Internet use has favored technology providers into action to produce a large amount of network connectivity tools . alcatel business portal Among them, two different technologies called Imax and HSA emerged to combat the handle for more connectivity cake.alcatel business portal

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Imax) is the technology that allows the user to surf the Internet wirelessly.alcatel business portal It is a telecommunications technology that can carry data over long distances, either point to point or a full mobile access. The main feature of this technology is that it works the same broadband wireless standard IEEE 802.16 , which was established in 1999. Imax also has the ability to extend local WI -Fib networks in the wider area of recoverable up to 50 km and its support of Intel , the largest manufacturer of semiconductors worldwide.alcatel business portal

Similarly, High Speed weakest Access ( HSA) also has a similar high Imax technology. In short,alcatel business portal it is a set of mobile phone protocols that offer better performance bandwidth of the existing radio. Equipped with the latest technology 3.5G , you can play amazing download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. HSA should be proud to have the support of major equipment vendors such as Ericsson , Nokia Siemens Networks , Nortel, Alcatel and Lucent. Its proven to perform well in all conditions and the download speeds ability helped technology to be absorbed by several countries in a short space of time.alcatel business portal

Unfortunately , Imax is not without its problems , Australia ‘s first Imax operator had to cease operations due to the short distances alcatel business portal, contrary to its request. In addition, the HSA service was able to produce the result of desire in more than 50 countries and 150 networks . For example, in some places, and subscribers can watch streaming movies in high definition at Mbps . HSA also holds a cost advantage over the other , the charges months from now is in the area of WW$ 30, while one has to pay $ 10 more to get the same Imax service.alcatel business portal

Like most people who spend time away from their workplace, electric mobility has become an indispensable tool in communication and business alcatel business portal. If the winner is Imax or HSA , wider extension of the area under the Internet connectivity through wireless services improve people do day to day business be anywhere in the world. Access to broadband Internet through wireless technology to stimulate growth in all areas , including business,alcatel business portal education and health.

Global Connectivity Wireless Internet will also give an advantage to an employer who is far from the main markets for a reasonable return for our products or services.alcatel business portal Real-time effects of electric mobility and Internet coverage for long distance communication is suggested ,alcatel business portal electronic commerce will be the winner and is likely to increase its stake in the business world.

Alcatel Business Portal

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