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Lea Michele – She Lost Weight

Lea Michele is ” losing weight at an alarming rate ” and “consumption ,” says OK ! Magazine.
According to an “insider” for the tabloid, ” Lea has dropped to about 98 pounds to your frame . 5 – foot – 3 , which is not good at all”
The same source says Michele strangely ” lost eight pounds in seven days, ” the second week after her boyfriend died Cory Monte .(lea michele weight loss)
It’s a little strange that someone would talk to a tabloid near enough to know – to the book – how Lea Michele weighed during the most devastating day of his life.(lea michele weight loss)
Another source told OK ! ” Lea simply not hungry.(lea michele weight loss) She does not have much to eat your highest priority, because it is still in mourning . “(lea michele weight loss)
(lea michele weight loss)The magazine quotes a “friend” as saying . ” She knows she has lost weight , but does not feel like she is skinny afraid she will not listen to critics anyway because it is” too fat “in this industry five pounds overweight or too lean “,” so I simply rejected . “
The history of weight loss Lea Michelle is a great hope that it has recently participated in the 20th Annual Elle Women in Hollywood celebration . (lea michele fat)Read recent months has been the traumatic death of her boyfriend , Cory Monteith, and his co-star of Glee colleague left devastated. It was very clear that the star of Glee had lost a little weight, her white dress revealed a slender waist like a pencil and she seemed very fragile.(lea michele weight loss)
Michelle tried to create a brave front as she posed for the cameras, but the enthusiasm was gone and it was very obvious that she was not herself. (lea michele fat)Monte, who was 31 , was found dead in his hotel room, an apparent victim of a drug overdose.(lea michele weight loss)
(lea michele fat)
Tip: The coffee can help you lose weight. Many people love coffee.(lea michele weight loss)
(lea michele fat)Much credit for Lea Michelle, who remain close to their family , (lea michele fat)as she posed for her party with a friend, Estee Stanley…(lea michele weight loss)

Lea Michele – She Lost Weight

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