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Basics of Studying Graphic Design

If you are highly skilled on the computer and artistically inclined then a career path is in all likelihood going to relate to something in the area of graphic design. If wishing to pursue this career path there are many high-quality art schools offering a comprehensive range of graphic design courses, which are tailored to specific areas in the industry. Prior to enrolling into a particular graphic design school it generally benefits to have an appreciation of what will entail if you followed this particular career line.

Knowing what to study in art or design school

The type of learning you are likely to experience in an art school is likely to vary quite significantly; this will depend on the particular program you sign up to. Basically, you are likely to be instructed on the basics of design, which might involve typography, color theory, and drawing. Your chosen direction is likely to involve a wide range of typography classes, such as experimental, poster, web-based, manual, and digital. A standard course might also involve learning several different fields including those relating to information design, editorial, and print.

Deciding on the best career path in design

A chosen career path in the graphic design industry is likely to revolve around the particular type of tuition you received throughout your time at art school. Some of the main opportunities in graphic design for a successful career included website design, brand identity design, publication design, retail design, environmental design, and several others.

Even though there isn’t any guarantee that a recognizable qualification or degree in one of the arts or design fields will result in a promising job in the short-term, these qualifications will go a long way to making sure that you are rightly prepared to pursue a career in this industry at some stage. In view of the increasing demands of design, either internet-based or offline, this is one of the career paths that is likely to require more and more skilled personnel as time goes by.

Considering the other skills a designer might require

Beyond just being highly skilled at creating the artwork for a website or print publication, it is also necessary for someone in the world of graphic design to acquire other standard skills, which can relate to having an excellent people skills. A need to interact with other people in a team is likely to be essential if you are to be working in a team.

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Using Graphic Design Inspiration and Avoiding Plagiarism

One of the most difficult things to do is gain inspiration without copying or stealing someone else’s ideas. Because we are surrounded by designs and art in everyday lives, trying to find that fine line between inspiration and theft proves to be problematic at times. Especially when you take into account that all designs are essentially influenced by the earlier created works of art we are surrounded by. The Internet alone has millions upon millions of graphic design inspiration at your fingertips. These days, with so many resources so readily available, finding inspiration for a design is pretty easy. The difficult part is taking the idea and making something new of it. How do you do that, you ask; by merging various concepts, approaches and design features together.

When doing a search for graphic design inspiration, don’t stop at one idea. Keep your searches going for additional designs that are related or similar in color, content and structure to what you are looking for. The objective is not to choose one design and duplicate it, instead find a collection of elements that can work together in a different way. As you’re doing your search you should be looking at the design and picking it apart to see if any piece can be meshed with another to create something fresh. Your ultimate goal is to combine the best components of each of these, creating a new design that inspires you.

Once you’ve gathered some inspirational ideas, take a deeper look and study the fine details that really make them stand out and catch your eye. Look for typography, light effects and gradients; these are the subtle details that bring the design to life. You should be asking yourself, “Why do I love this design so much?” Once you have it pinpointed it will be easy for you to create a new vision with different concepts. When you’re finished, it should not look like an imitation of any of the other designs. It should be a renewed design created with the contribution of them all. You must work to fuse the different elements with common stylistic methods to transform your design into something brand new.

There is no guidebook that teaches you how to search for graphic design inspiration and not commit plagiarism, but there are some forthright ways to avoid it. By using the strategies mentioned above we can all help the circulation of new ideas, creating new inspiration for everyone.

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Graphic Design and Business

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Graphic Design plays a major role in advertising. Every website, every logo, every image, every billboard ad, even text has probably been put together at least in part by a graphic designer. This means that to get your sales message to your target audience, a good graphic designer with creative ideas is necessary to promote your
From a business perspective, consider the following:

What is more memorable, a thousand words of copy, or a big picture?

Graphic Design, the Business Concept, the Sales Message

One of the key tricks a good graphic designer can pull out of the bag is to marry your business concept and sales message visually. This may not be one image, maybe a few, but there can be no doubts that a good visual representation of your business and its selling points makes for powerful advertising. Sometimes, this can be an image of the product. Think about Apple who put a lot of energy into designing something that looks sleek and classy. Other times it could be a completely different concept.

Often a good image is driven by good copy. A good graphic and good copy combined can be an extremely powerful way of getting your business concept and sales message to your target audience.

Understanding Your Business and the Selling Points

So one of the qualities a good graphic designer will have is that they will understand your business and its key selling points. They will be able to represent these visually, and make them very easy to understand. A good visual image is worth its weight in gold.

Often the graphic will be subtle. You will not realise it is there. Take it away however, and the whole sales message falls apart. It is a supporting role and an eye catcher all at the same time. For a graphic designer to be able to do this, they must be able to understand your business concept and your sales message.

To get a better handle on why a graphic designer is a valuable ally in your quest to become rich and successful, read our blogs on logo design.

Professional Quality Graphics and Building Trust with Your Audience

To sell to a market you have to be able to convince people that you are honest and trustworthy. To help give you a positive image, you need custom built graphics to support your custom built website and brochures. The images your customers and clients see must be able to convey you as an honest and professional business to deal with.

This is especially true of an online business. If you sell products your customers must believe there is someone at the end of a phone who can answer their queries and that if they need to return an item they can.

If you sell services, again your client must believe you can deliver the goods. That you are a reputable outfit which can deliver on its promises. In both instances professional quality logos, graphics, and web design, will help to portray you as trustworthy. Without trust you simply cannot do business.

Graphics and Engagement

Graphic design then is about engagement. On every level the graphic will engage the senses of your target audience. Though a visual medium, a clever graphic designer will use different textures such as wood, paper, and metal, to conjure an illusion that the texture is real. This can bring a graphic to life for a person.

In essence good graphics will capture attention but is subtle and seamless. This helps to promote your business concept and your selling points. In turn this leads to conversions, sales, and profit.

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