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Bset 7 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss During Menopause

Did you know that the average woman will gain 1-2 pounds per year during the years of menopause? In fact , the average amount of weight gained by women during their menopausal years is 10 to 15 pounds! Has this happened to you ? Maybe you have not won 10-15 pounds , but began to gain weight.(menopause weight loss) While weight loss during and after menopause can be a challenge due to hormonal problems , it is possible. Here are 7 tips to help you fight the battle of weight loss during and after menopause .(menopause weight gain)
·(menopause weight gain) Balance your hormones Hormones – Asymmetric is the main culprit when it comes to menopause weight gain . (menopause and weight gain)It is essential that you get your hormones under control if you want to see any weight loss.(menopause weight gain)
· Add calcium and vitamin D in your diet – Although it is well known to help strengthen bone density did you know that vitamin D and calcium can actually help you lose weight as well ?
· Take a walk every day – Walking helps increase your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism is essential when it comes to losing weight. It also helps menopausal women to reduce their risk of osteoporosis because it is considered a weight bearing exercise.(menopause weight gain)
· (menopause and weight gain)Photo Add to Your Diet – Menopause is caused by decreased production of estrogen in the body. Photo help restore normal function of hormones in the body that will result in a return to normal production of estrogen.(menopause weight gain)
(menopause and weight gain)· Change your eating habits – This may seem like common sense , but many women fail to lose weight simply because they ignore this simple tip .(menopause weight gain) It is true that if you eat certain foods will make you gain weight.(menopause and weight gain) I mean, if you enjoy these foods and trying to lose weight at the same time, you will likely see limited or no results.(menopause weight gain)
· Avoid carbonated beverages diets women Fallacy – Many believe they can replace regular soda with diet soda and still lose weight..(menopause weight loss)

Bset 7 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss During Menopause

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