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Volunteer Toronto

I plan and execute events volunteering in a large group of volunteers in my campus. Consistently , we have a problem attracting volunteers for our events and have developed many strategies to increase the number of volunteers and the diversity of people we attract . As it was a constant problem, we have developed several effective to attract more and different types of voluntary methods .volunteer toronto

Calendar of meetings : Most college clubs meet on Thursday evening.volunteer toronto Therefore, the vast majority of students are stuck choosing between one of these meetings to attend. We try to differentiate ourselves by holding meetings on Sunday and dinner at these meetings .volunteer toronto This technique differs from the others in the group by holding meetings on another night , but more importantly , attracts people because we offer food as an incentive to participate.

Diversify organizations and Days: Until recently, we decided to keep all events Saturday because there is no school that day and could get a constant number of volunteers.volunteer toronto The problem is that these volunteers are constantly repeat customers , but give of your time – week after week, but could not reach the entire community.volunteer toronto Sports and other activities are planned for the weekend, so we thought our potential volunteer base has shrunk considerably.volunteer toronto Thus , some of our events have been scheduled for weeknights . There is a clear demand for our volunteer groups for events on weeknights , because many of them are closed on weekends and require the Executive Director to go specifically to volunteer .volunteer toronto In addition, those who could not volunteer weekend have the opportunity to do so. We also try to focus on many different voluntary organizations to work with. Many groups focus only on a specific type of organization say homeless shelters . The effect of this restrictive approach is that the selection of a weekend , the group of volunteers is greatly reduced. volunteer toronto However, there is a strategic reason for working with groups on a regular basis because the relationships with these groups are long-term benefits . As such , we maintain a number of events during a semester or year and booking more frequent visits . Also try the people who run events with the same organization, so there was the opportunity to run in a slightly different way.

Gender differences : The biggest problem that I found in the recruitment of volunteers is that no matter how much advertising we do…volunteer toronto

Volunteer Toronto

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