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Immortals After Dark series Kresley Cole my favorite books . It is rare for a series that has reached a dozen books to be quite enjoyable . It is usually at least one fault in the group . Not so with this series, for me. (Touch Wood) .coles books
Paranormal romances are with different races Lore kind . Such as vampires, Valkyrie , werewolves , witches … etc.coles books, that live among human, species unknown , unnoticed.
My favorite so far have been the immortal Lyle guy … Scottish wolf. I love the accent. A secondary character , I should mention that appeared in all the books is a Valkyrie named Nix . It is calming – and seeing a little crazy … is crazy good . coles books Many people are waiting for it to have a book, but love him as a secondary character . I ‘m sure if Kelsey Cole did, however , be good. The character I ‘m interested in having a story is a minor character in Kiss of a Demon King , Lathe ( sister Sabine ) . I hope you come back at some point . I’m pretty sure it will .

What I also like about these books is that Presley Cole comes out with some serious torture of these poor children. She can do almost anything with them and shoot again the next day or sooner. This is because they are immortal and can heal at an incredible rate .coles books It is also very difficult to kill. Need to cut the skull to be effective.

The reading order of this series is :coles books

A . Guerrero still wants (story in the anthology easy to get game )
Two . A hunger like no other  coles books
Three . No rest for the wicked
April. Wrongdoing in a winter night (my favorite)
May Dark needs at the edge of Night
6 . Dark Desires after dusk coles books
7 . Kiss of a Demon King
8 . Untouchable ( a urology , deep kiss of winter)
9 . Pleasure of a Dark Prince
10 . Demon From The Dark ( Released August 31, 2010 – CAN NOT wait !)

I can not wait for Demon Of Darkness , but it is not until August Even reread this series is an excellent way to fight against cravings before .coles books

TOP Coles Books

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