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Better Business Bureau Florida

The Better Business Bureau recently issued a national alert to warn consumers and businesses about two suspicious transactions that are falsely using the name of accreditation for victims of fraud.better business bureau florida

A company is perpetrating a fraud advance loan – tax that target consumers and businesses with bad credit . He provided references accreditation dummy phone are handled by representatives who falsely claim to be with the Better Business Bureau and have a positive report on the company in question .better business bureau florida

The other entity , what appears to be a telemarketer , is in contact with local businesses , falsely claiming to be accreditation and appeals to a complaint or to update the files on the desktop better business bureau florida. A telemarketer shall ask questions that have nothing to do with the approval of the company and leaves as 1.800.CALL.BBB contact number.

” Firms across the country are reporting calls from victims. better business bureau florida These scammers are falsely using the name of Better Business Bureau to try to gain credibility with potential victims ,” said Ken Hunter , president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus . “We urge people to double check your local office whenever you receive a suspicious call or see the name associated with the accreditation questionable promotion better business bureau florida. We are easy to find in the phone book or on the Internet at http:// . “

A company called Kirkland Russell and Thomson ( KART) , supposedly based in Houston, announced loans to individuals and businesses.better business bureau florida KART officials say the company is a member of the accreditation and suggested that interested customers call phone numbers can to the ” southwest Certification Division in Oklahoma City” and the accreditation of the metropolitan area Houston report request authorization of the company .better business bureau florida

” The company uses the name of the accreditation as an accomplice of your business. Here are the phone numbers of accreditation in Oklahoma City and Houston.better business bureau florida Y, or Office issued a satisfactory report on KART . The company produces and distributes a fake, glossy BBB reliability report , “said Hunter.

According to BBB complaints , KART tells customers that have been approved for a loan and must send a commission to ” insurance.” KART calls for the commission, usually around $ 2000, you can connect to multiple addresses in Canada and New York.better business bureau florida Consumers should send personal information such as social security number , bank account number and payment received.

“People have not received your loan, or have their money refunded, ” Accreditation in the states of Houston. Consumers in Texas better business bureau florida , Oklahoma , Florida and other states have been targeted.

Office staff confirmed that there is no company under the name Kirkland Russell and Thomas to the address provided by the company in Houston.better business bureau florida The Council of Better Business Bureaus has sent a letter to KART Financial Group violations of the accreditation mark and misleading advertising , but received no response .

The Bureau warns against people and companies not to pay in advance for a loan and never send personal financial information to unknown companies.better business bureau florida

Bureau members from Arkansas, California , Georgia , Kentucky, Louisiana better business bureau florida..

Better Business Bureau Florida

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