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It is only recently, when Senator Miriam Defense – . Santiago is considered retired General Secretary Angelo Reyes of AFP as a “dead man walking ” because of his involvement in corruption in AFP funds recently unveiled today people are shocked by the news saying that Angelo Reyes died . He’s dead, killed not because they committed suicide .loyola hospital jobs

Today, at exactly 8:32 , retired Gen. Angelo Reyes AFP was pronounced dead by doctors at the Quirking hospital who tried to save his life.loyola hospital jobs He was taken to the hospital by people who found the injured and blooded in the Loyola Memorial Park around 7:00 this morning. According to witnesses , one usually just shot himself in front of the grave of his parents.

Now people are wondering if making the former general suicide. Would the recent edition AFP involved? You mean he is guilty of the charges ?loyola hospital jobs

When Senator Miriam Defense – Santiago said that Reyes is a “dead man walking ” , so that the clerk did not think the actual death of the general .loyola hospital jobs It’s just a metaphor that represents the current and future life in some way and Reyes is supposed to face . And somehow , the words of James in the last match of General Reyes suicidal. Maybe Reyes believes that there is no way for him to escape punishment . But if this is really it was thought guilty of the charges .loyola hospital jobs

Only the testimony given by the Commission of Audit ( CORA) auditor Heidi Mendoza, people can tell how credible case against the former general told AFP.loyola hospital jobs And based on the responses of staff accused during Senate hearings , people can also detect a lie. However, remained consistent in its response said. “Sorry, I could not remember ” Therefore, it is more than the indictment . This is the truth that these complainants and witnesses trying to prove , allow all Filipinos know.loyola hospital jobs

The truth about the corruption in the military funds becoming a widespread online and offline whisper. In fact, this issue has come to the United Nations,loyola hospital jobs where PHP million from AFP funds actually Nations. He gave the gift of the UN for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, for the improvement of the Philippine Army .

loyola hospital jobs But the issue of leakage of AFP fund scam really disappointed with the United Nations, which says that your donation was just a misuse Nations. Like the Philippines, the United Nations also conducts research on this issue.

Whereas,loyola hospital jobs not only the Blue Ribbon Committee of the Senate of the Philippines studying the issue , perhaps Reyes realized that there is no escape. Maybe he could neither sleep nor eat. As an ex- soldier, who has only two alternatives, either to admit it, and be punished or terminate any suicide. He took a decision today , chose the latter .loyola hospital jobs Now , Angelo Reyes, was killed .

Now he is dead, what happens next ? What are the other two accused do?loyola hospital jobs

Angelo died , the Senate must now investigate two former AFP defendants,loyola hospital jobs including Ingot and Climate . But if these two are the same thing I did today Reyes ? Of course, nobody can tell what happens next .

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