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Books Amillion – Everything You Need To Know

This book by Jim Paul and Brendan Monika is a book every trader should read – The book rightly argues that there are many different ways to make money and only a few ways to lose. Therefore, you need to focus on not losing the first books amillion

If you have not read this book, you will see the markets in a completely different light and that could lead to higher profits and is simply one of the best books ever written investment.

What I learned losing a million dollars is a detailed and fascinating and true story easy to read Jim Paul birth of a nation of humble background to the merchant millionaire jet -set and governor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.books amillion

This is a review of lessons learned losing a million dollars on the market that caused his death and rise from the ashes covered.books amillion

This book contains theories and techniques really focuses on how not to lose money – there are many ways to make money, then why is it that most traders lose ?

The answer is , as we have said,books amillion

Not how to make money , it is important that there are many ways to do this , but only a few ways to lose , and if you are aware of them and do not lose error – can emerge winner.

The book is basically divided into two parts:books amillion

section 1

The first half of the book on the life of Jim felt about it and experience it faces as the world crashes around him. It is both funny and sad at equal time and is a great fictional story .

section 2 books amillion

After the loss and its consequences , the authors come from visions of what he had learned and what is really original, thought provoking and insightful. The authors show how to identify and manage risks, both monetary and emotional part of any decision , including negotiation .

Play great defense books amillion

The authors cover the key to all traders who lose fail areas , allowing losses get out of control .

The main areas covered are:books amillion

– The three biggest mistakes traders make and how to avoid them .

– Why is the most important part of building wealth is not losing .books amillion

– The psychological model that take all the losses in a traders head, regardless of the size of the position

The debate on the risk / return ratio , and why most other books are bad, this is perhaps the most interesting part of the book .books amillion

This point is worth the price of the book alone , as explained author

Why we need to take into account the probability of return , and the probability of loss when trading and not simply divide the size expected by the size of the expected , as most authors suggest loss performance – if you lose!books amillion

This is really the key point of the book if you want to keep losses under control, as indicated in the preface.books amillion

“This book is a study of the classic tale of countless entrepreneurs case books amillion. A person who takes risks , he sees an opportunity, the idea that you click the heady growth, and reduce errors Our case is the dealer but as in all the case studies and parables lessons can be applied to many other situations.

Books Amillion – Everything You Need To Know

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